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Cleaning your car’s windows isn’t only a matter of hygiene but also a habit that increases the lifespan of your glass windows, while also protecting you from judgemental stares of other travellers (who may be big on cleaning their own car’s windows).

More importantly, ensuring your vehicle’s glass has a spotless appearance is important so that the driver does not have any interference with his visibility. Needless to say, hampering the driver’s visibility because of a grimy glass can be dangerous because it could affect his judgement. Having said that, what is the correct and systematic way to go about cleaning your car’s windows?

Start with the Outside Glass of the Windows

  1. Always remember to begin working with the outside glass. This is important because washing the outside first does half the job for you by washing off most of the grime or any bugs that might have stuck on from the most recent drive.
  2. Never clean your glass windows in direct sun, the temperature difference could cause the glass to shatter when the cool water/cleaner comes in contact with hot glass. Plus, if the glass of the window is very hot the liquid/water might just evaporate before you can work with it.
  3. The equipment can make or break your attempt. Consult with an expert on what glass solution you should get to wash the windows and windscreen. It must not be too strong. At the same time, remember to get a microfiber cloth (one that is clean of course), a bucket of water and a sponge.
  4. Lift the wiper blades to clean the windscreen but ensure this is done before you begin. This will help the spray reach the glass directly without extra effort or missing the spot behind the wipers.
  5. The best way to avoid having streaks on a freshly washed window is to do it as the experts do. Go from top to bottom (vertically) and then clean from side to side (horizontally).
  6. Clean the front and back in parts. This enables you to work through the entire surface without having the fluid dry up in spots.
  7. Once you’ve cleaned the side windows from the outside, remember to roll down the glass a little and wipe off any grime settled at the very top. You can also use this time to clean the headlights and mirrors using a little cleaning solution. Finally, wipe everything down with another clean microfiber piece of cloth.
  8. Lastly, spray a little cleaning liquid on the wiper blades and wipe them down so they do not smear your now spotless glass.

Moving on to Cleaning the Inside Glass of the Windows

When you start from the outside, you land up taking most of the dirt off, making it easier to spot the marks on the inside of the windows.

  1. Begin working from the passenger’s seat so that it allows ease of movement, especially when you need to get past the wheel.
  2. Use a fresh microfiber piece of cloth to clean the inside so you do not transfer any of the grime from outside to the inside. Avoid using tissues or newspapers because they are prone to leaving marks and are also too flimsy to get the job done well.
  3. Even though you may have sprayed directly on the outside of the windows when working on the inside section, spray the cleaner on the cloth instead to avoid getting it on the sides and other parts of the interiors. In case you do not want to use a solution, hot water is a great substitute.
  4. Follow the same wiping technique of up to down and side to side as this is less likely to leave marks than using the circular gesture.

Finally, if you are not too confident of how much pressure to apply in case your windows are tinted, it is best to seek professional guidance before you go about the task. It can also be a good opportunity to check if there are any chips or damages to the glass or the tinting film.

If you find the windscreen or windows to be chipped or cracked do not continue attempting to clean the glass as the cleaning fluid may seep through the crack and cause damage requiring complete replacement.

Schedule an appointment with a professional car window replacement service in Melbourne, Australia at the earliest and do remember to do a background check on their credentials, vehicle service warranty, types of services for car glass, and their years of experience.

About the Author: Darren Pay and Justin Oakes are the owners of A1 Windscreens, Australia, a reputed and certified service provider for car window replacement Melbourne and car glass replacement.

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