The Shipping Container Home Trend in Australia

Shipping container homes are homes, offices or buildings made out of shipping containers. New or old shipping containers are used to make fully functioning homes complete with electricity supply, plumbing, air conditioning and other essential amenities. Shipping containers are versatile and can be used for offices, homes, lunch rooms, change rooms and more.  

So why have shipping container homes gained popularity over the years? Carry on reading to find out-

  • Affordability

One of the major reasons for the rising popularity of shipping container homes is the price. Compared to traditional forms of accommodation, shipping homes are much cheaper. You wouldn’t need to take out a huge loan for a house downpayment. The affordability of shipping containers makes them an attractive prospect.

However, it is important to understand that simpler shipping homes will be cheaper. But as soon as you go for more customization, the price will rise accordingly.

  • Portability

The versatility of a shipping home allows it to be stationary or portable. Depending on the design of your shipping home, you could make shipping container home portable. If you are a traveler looking for a portable accommodation option, then a shipping container home is one of the best alternatives.

  • Sustainability

There are so many unused shipping containers, which are just wasting away in storage. Constructing a shipping container home helps the environment by utilizing and recycling these containers.

Moreover, it would require so much more energy to melt the shipping container steel to reuse it.

  • Durability

Shipping containers are essentially made to bear and transport heavy loads over long distances. This makes them strong and sturdy enough to withstand rough weathers.

Shipping container homes are an ideal choice for natural disaster prone area. Also their structural stability allows them to be stacked on top of each other to create multi-story homes.

  • Ease of Construction

The ease of constructing a home out of a shipping container makes it an appealing option. Shipping container homes can be constructed in a fraction of the time required to construct any traditional homes.

A shipping container already has the three key elements- a ceiling, walls and a floor. Since the main structure is already present, other elements can be constructed and added in a matter of few weeks.  

  • Easy Customization

The scope for customization with shipping container homes is endless. Shipping containers can be stacked to make multi-story homes with doors, windows and staircases. You can really hand pick every element and truly make it your dream home.

This also makes home expansions much more convenient. You could easily add more shipping containers to your existing container home to expand it. Also, shipping containers offer you the option of either having a stationery or a portable home.  

  • Off-site Construction

Another advantage of a shipping container home is that it can be constructed off-site and delivered to your desired location, especially if it’s off the grid. It is possible that the plot of land you want to build on isn’t enough or suitable for construction. In that case a shipping container home is an excellent option.

This will also save you the cost of transporting materials, equipment and labour to and fro from the site.

  • Flexibility

A shipping container home can be delivered wherever you want. As long as there is enough maneuvering space for the delivery truck, you can get a container home delivered to your specified location.

  • Safety

Shipping containers are highly durable and strong. This makes them resistant to break-in. Moreover, unlike other forms of motorhomes, container homes are way too heavy to lift and steal.

  • Unique

A shipping container home will fulfil your desire of having a unique and modern home. These industrial style homes stand out from all other conventional accommodations.  

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