How to prevent stains when using laser ink cartridges?

One of the reasons that several companies and organizations alike prefer using laser printers is on account of the quality as well as the fact that they can print much more, using laser printers than otherwise. But whether you operate a print shop or a greeting card company, the fact remains that the greater the volume of materials printed, the faster that you would run out of ink. In other words, you would need to change your laser cartridges regularly and unless you know what you are doing, you are bound to get ink stains all over.

How to prevent stains when using laser ink cartridges

1. Prevent ink stains: One of the best ways to avoid getting ink stains when handling inkjet cartridges or toner cartridges is to handle the same with care. The toner contains dry powder and it can get very messy should you get the same on your hands. So in order to prevent stains, make sure that you read the directions for changing cartridges and follow the same to the letter.

2. Remove stains from hands: so let’s say that you managed to get some stains on your hands, in which case, the best option is to wash your hands until you manage to remove the stains completely. But that’s easier said than done since print ink is rather hard to remove, as soap often does not break them down. You can use hand sanitizer, which contains alcohol, which breaks down the print ink and then wash your hands repeatedly with soap and water. This should help to remove the stains from your fingers.

3. Removing ink from fabric: Chances are that when you remove the toner cartridge for recycling from the printer, you may get some on your clothes. Removing print ink from your clothes is a lot harder as it is more easily absorbed by your fabric. And that’s exactly why you need to act fast before the ink can set permanently. Wash the fabric in cold water and NOT warm water, now try rubbing alcohol and even hair spray as the alcohol contained in the same can help breakdown the ink and help release the same into the water. Use blotting papers with rubbed alcohol and press the stain on both sides, as this would help lift the stain from the fabric. By using these methods, you should be able to remove the print ink stain from your clothes effectively.

4. Removing stain from the carpet: This is a lot harder; one of the first things that you need to do is to use rubbing alcohol and try to remove the stain. Do not rub it in, a better option would be to call in for professional services and get them to clean the carpet. But if you are planning to handle it on your own and the alcohol is not working that effectively, you can always go for hydrogen peroxide. Use blotting papers pre-soaked in the same as this should help you get the stain out of the carpet for good.

By opting for these methods, you should be able to remove the print stains from your fabric as well as the carpet. But do bear in mind that it is always a good idea to use a professional cleaning services company especially if you get print ink stains all over your clothes as well as the carpet. Ink and laser cartridges come in various shapes and sizes; usually they come with detailed instructions on how to remove cartridges, how to install them, etc. It is important that you follow these directions to the letter.

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