Choose Different Types of Commercial Freezers

A commercial freezer is a unit in a commercial refrigerator used to store frozen products at below 32 degrees Fahrenheit temperature. Due to the improvements in compressors and insulation, today’s refrigerators have become much more energy efficient than those which were used in the past. Programs such as ENERGY STAR introduced by the government give incentives to companies who produce energy-efficient products. Also, the Energy Department in 2014 set some new efficiency standards for commercial refrigeration. This denotes how important it is for companies to reduce their energy use as much as possible. This act not only helps to save the environment but also reduces the energy bills of the customers.

The demand for the commercial freezer for sale in today’s market is on the rise. Anyone running a restaurant (freezers and refrigerators will be required to keep large amounts of food fresh), turning the garage into a home bar (might need professional grade beverage and wine coolers), an expanding catering company (will require high-end refrigeration for meat and other ingredients).

There are a lot of options for the commercial freezer for sale which are available in a wide range of sizes;

#1. Commercial Bar Refrigerators: these refrigerators have a pretty large capacity for storing various drinks, mixers and supplies that a bar needs. This makes it an ideal commercial bar setting. Most of the back-bar refrigerators will be front ventilated with a glass door so that customers can see available wines and beers through the glass door. It also helps bartenders to navigate the stocks.

Commercial Bar Freezers

#2. Refrigerated Merchandiser: these refrigerators help us to store large amounts of bottles and cans in a non-bar commercial setting. These are ideal for displaying beverages as they come with ventilation in front and the glass doors make them more easily accessible both for the customers and the staff. The best feature of this refrigerator is its ability to provide proper refrigeration while proving a great display as well. The large glass window grabs the customer’s attention and you can also increase your chance of making a sale.

#3. Commercial Prep Table: just like a kitchen needs a prep table for preparing various dishes and serving them, a commercial prep table also increases its efficiency by adding a refrigerator to a prep table. Various versions are available in the market to be it from being the smallest ones for making sandwiches to bigger ones for making a pizza. The refrigeration space largely depends on the table area. They do not have front ventilation, but they do come equipped with casters for easy maneuverability and space management.

#4. Under-Counter Refrigerators: these units are quite a bit smaller than the traditional commercial reach in the fridge. They have an intense commercial-grade refrigeration power even though they are squat and square. They can also work like prep tables due to their sizes. Keeping two or three under-counter refrigerators side by side the top of them can be used as a food prep table. These refrigerators are a combination of prep tables and a classic commercial reach in the fridge.

Under-Counter Refrigerators

#5. Reach in Fridge: Reach-in commercial freezer for sale or refrigerator is just great for restaurants, or another side of the bar or for the back of the house. These are just like residential refrigerators but are comparatively spacious and have more power. They have the ability to store a large number of food items and drinks in their segmented and shelved interior. They come in various options, while one has casters, some have glass doors, and double doors, etc.

There are many types of the commercial freezer for sale available in the market. Commercial freezer for sale is specifically designed for almost all applications. Any sundry item from milk to flowers has never been easier to efficiently refrigerate.

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