Best Australian-Made Weight Loss Supplements

We all want to make maintaining the healthy body weight easier. Not only is a healthy BMI part of looking great, but more importantly, it’s part and parcel of living a longer, happier life. Higher BMIs are linked to an increase of life-threatening chronic diseases like diabetes, heart disease and cancer. Unfortunately, there’s no magic bullet that will miraculously help you shed unwanted, unhealthy fat. Proper diet, regular exercise and living a rested, relatively stress free life are the only real ways to melt fat.

This said, there are weight loss supplements that you can add to your healthy lifestyle that can help bolster your weight loss. They won’t do the work for you, but when used in combination of diet and exercise, they will help support your weight loss.

What supplements? Read on! Here are the best Australian-Made weight loss supplements.

Nature’s Way Apple Cider Vinegar

Red Apple Fruits

Apple cider vinegar has been shown to help people lose weight. It does this by regulating insulin levels and slowing down digestion, which will make you feel fuller longer. The result: less snacking throughout the day. In fact, one study reveals that people who had apple cider vinegar with a heavy meal ate 200-275 calories less throughout the day. Overtime, this can result in noticeable weight loss.

Nature’s Way makes a stellar brand of apple cider vinegar, complete with ‘the mother’  — the sludge in the bottom of the bottle that has all the good bacteria and yeast that give apple cider vinegar its potency.

You can find Nature’s Way product here:

Protein Powder from Bondi Protein Co.

Shallow Focus Photography of Smoothie

Getting enough protein is essential for weight loss. Protein helps curb our appetites, meaning we stay more satiated and are less likely to overindulge throughout the day. While many people do get enough protein from food, some of us need help. That’s where a quality protein powder comes in. Bondi Protein Co makes delicious powders made for live on the go. With vegan and non-vegan options and a range of delicious flavours, this company makes sure getting more protein in your diet is delicious and easy.

Nature’s Way Water Enhancer

Water Topped With Raspberries

We all know that proper hydration is essential to fat loss. When we adequately watered, we feel fuller and won’t snack as much unnecessarily. Water will also help cleanse your system, which will help keep your metabolism running smoothly and more efficiently. Of course, it’s easy to get bored of drinking plain old water. Try adding flavoured water drops to sweeten up your water, without adding sugars and additives that can stall out weight loss.

Immunity Fuel Probiotic Superfood

We’re not growing and eating enough of our own food, and many of us aren’t eating enough fermented foods. As a result, we’re not getting the supply of probiotics we need to keep our gut healthy and our bodies humming along at peak: all which will help you achieve and maintain a healthier body weight.

If you were expecting us to recommend a fat-blasting pill or powder that will melt the pounds away, you’ve come to the wrong place. Like we said, magic pills don’t exist. Or, if pills can help you lose weight by virtue of taking them alone, it comes at a hefty cost: seizures, rapid heart rate and serious digestive issues are all side effects of taking these so-called ‘miracle supplements’. The best you can do is eat right, exercise and clean up your lifestyle, and then use supplements that support your weight loss efforts. All of these supplements will do just that.


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