Wedding Arrangement For Food – How to Make it Happen

Hosting a wedding can be a tough task, more so, if you haven’t started your arrangement a few months ahead of time. From decor to wedding food catering in Melbourne, everything can be expensive if you do not start planning for every service.

Now many hosts plan to take up most of the responsibilities and can end up with unfinished work. If you hire a wedding catering service in Melbourne, your stress and the pile of work will lessen relatively.

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This way, the quality of service on the D-day will be better and satisfactory for the lovely couple.
Keep these few tips in mind to make the catering of your wedding a success.

  1. Check Number of Guests

Creating the guest list is the first step for wedding catering arrangement. Keeping a guest list helps in more ways than you know. Firstly with an approximate headcount, you can hire the seating arrangement – this is especially necessary if you are planning a sit-down meal for the guests.

Next, the guest list determines how much food you’ll need during the get-together. Having excess food will lead to wastage and running short can be lead to a lot of disappointed guests.

2. Drinks on the House

Wedding parties are for both children and adults. Ask your wedding catering services in Melbourne to keep a booth for drinks. Keep the alcoholic and beverage counters separate for children’s safety.

The guests require refreshments to feel at home and lighten up at the party. Not to forget, this special day is for everyone to enjoy.

Speak to the wedding food caterers to position at least two staff members to tend to the guests at the bar. This way, there will be 0 long queues waiting for a drink.

3. Prepare for the Worst

It’s one problem we all face at ceremonies, the un-invited +1. Sometimes, guests feel entitled to bring in a close friend or family without mentioning beforehand.

The problem arises when it’s a common mistake with many. Your food and seating arrangement can face a risk of being lesser than present headcount.

For problems like such, discuss with the caterers to allow for some excess arrangements. Good wedding catering Melbourne services take these into account, and you need not worry about it too much.

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4. Background Check

Make sure to know about the caterers you’re hiring. Run through background checks on your caterers before choosing for the D-day.

In modern times, online wedding food caterers for Melbourne marriages offer you the benefit of reading through customer reviews and ratings on their services.

You can look through their best and worst performances, efficiency, professional handling and food quality. This way, short listing the caterers pre-finalizing will be faster.

A well-rated catering company uses fresh vegetables and meat for their delicacies, even under budget. You can customize your menu to the guest’s likings and themes with an executive food caterer.

5. Staff Service

How well the wedding ceremony goes, depend majorly on the wedding catering services. Be it any ceremony, everyone stays excited about the delicacies.

Quick delivery of hot & fresh finger foods will keep the guests satisfied and entertained.

An efficient team of staff members should be able to abide by the rules set by you and management teams. Discuss with the owners on your requirement from the help.

It’s also your responsibility to guide them through their stations so there is no problem later on.

A team of staff which grasps on to the responsibilities quickly and deliver active services is always a plus on the host’s reputation.

6. Hygiene

It’s a vital point to keep in mind, even though it is a basic and expected requirement at all times. Most often, we tend to discount hygiene issues for the sake of quick delivery. But cleanliness from the wedding food caterers is necessary.

From the utensils to cooking, every aspect of the food which goes out should not have any spec of dirt or grime.

All cooks should wear head-cloths so no hair goes into the food. Same goes out for long beards. Trimmed nails, clean cloth for drying hands and overall sanitation is of utmost importance if you wish for an impeccable service.

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