Caring for the Car Air Conditioning Systems

The air conditioning systems in the car is meant to circulate cool air in the automobile irrespective of the temperature in the atmospheric air by controlling the temperature as well as humidity of the atmospheric air

The Air Conditioning System – overview

The process of cooling the air within the car is made possible by three systems that work in tandem within which includes

  • Refrigeration system – This is responsible for the cooling of the air which is done through the most important parts of the air-conditioning system like the compressor, condenser etc.
  • The circulating system – This system is responsible for circulating the cool air into the car and includes the ducts, blowers etc. that carries out the function.
  • The controlling system – This ensures that the temperature within the car is optimum and comfortable for you.  The controlling system actually regulates the refrigeration system according to your needs.

Car air conditioning service is all about ensuring the smooth and right functioning of these three systems.

Types of Air Conditioning Systems

Though there are two types of air conditioning systems that can be used for cars. They are

  • The fixed orifice tube system
  • The expansion valve system

Whatever be the type of air conditioner most of the parts are the same. It includes

  • Compressor
  • Condenser
  • Evaporator
  • Receiver-drier
  • Accumulator

There is one other component that is important in an air conditioner which is the thermal expansion valve. This valve might be replaced by the orifice tube in the other type of air conditioner that is used in cars.  This is the only difference that exists between the two types. But it should be given due consideration when car air conditioning service is done.

A good Air Conditioning System

Unlike what most people tend to think, the air conditioning system does not just blow cold air. It actually removes the hot air in the cabin and dispels it into the atmosphere. This is made possible by the number of components in the system. Since like any other mechanical devices they are prone to wear and tear it is important to get regular car air conditioning service and replace gas if necessary, to ensure optimum comfort as well as a healthy atmosphere in the car cabin. A malfunction or below par functioning would mean circulation of poor-quality air and discomfort.

How to maintain a Car Air Conditioner

  • Getting the full car air conditioning service done at least once a year, especially just before summer sets in is an ideal thing to do.
  • It is important that you request for the service personnel to check the refrigerant level, and also check if there is a need to re-gas whenever you are servicing your car. You need to specially mention this as most of the times the air conditioner’s functioning would not be included in the standard services list.
  • In order to ensure that the air conditioner system is in order, it is imperative that you run them for at least a few minutes even when the atmospheric temperature is actually cold. Doing it at least once a week will ensure that the valves, hoses, pumps etc are in order and are lubricated.

What can you expect in case of Car Air Conditioning Service?

 A standard car air conditioning service that is done when you do not have any specific complaints include

  • Checking the temperature of the Air vent
  • Check and replace receiver drier/ filter
  •  Verify if the operation of thermostats and valves are optimal
  • Check if there are any leaks in the lines and components
  •  Inspecting the hoses and components
  • Adjustment of the pulleys as well as the drive belts
  •  Cleaning of the condenser fins
  • Operating gas- replacement, recycling, or reclaiming.
Air Condtioning System 1

The service, of course, would be different and would conform to the standards that have been set in different countries. The deodorizing and sanitizing systems and ensuring that the gas emitted from the system is not harmful to the atmosphere and reducing the emissions are also the part of the service goals.

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