A Winter – A Perfect Season For Painting Services

Homeowners have so many questions in terms of getting their painting services covered during winter months. You might further assume that it is not a good idea or that you might have to wait for the warmer weather to approach, especially while painting the exterior parts of your house. But, if you ask the pros in this regard, then they will advise you to do some necessary research before saying yes to any painting company for help.

Well, the fact is that exterior house painting, whether commercial or residential can be done, as long as outside temperature is around 35 degrees or higher and the proper form of paint is used. Nowadays, acrylic paints, which are low temperature compatible, have been properly eloped, making it quite possible for the paint contractors to do what was not that possible previous years, which was painting the exterior portions of the homes during winter months. But, only because the outside temperature is 35 degrees or even warmer that does not meant it is okay to get out the roller, brush, and sprayer and get proper work done. You have to consider some of the other factors too.

Points to chalk down:

So, you have made up your mind to actually paint the house during winter months and even some painting pros are with you in this idea. But, before moving any further, it is true that you need to deal with the temperature of substrate and other points in this regard.

  • Temperature of the painting surface or the substrate:

The current temperature of siding on home might be just below the temperature of the said air. So, this might prove to be one factor that every contractor needs to consider over here.

  • Get enough dry time:

Some paints will definitely take longer time to dry up in colder temperature. So, always be sure to give your painting enough drying time before the temperatures even begin to just drop in evenings.

  • Always be sure to store materials at room temperature:

Painting in the winter season is a bit of a challenge already and you cannot just mess it up any further. So, the materials as used for painting should be stored at room temperature just to make sure that it does not freeze when you are up the next morning.

Caulk, paint, patching and some of the other materials as used while painting your place should be stored at room temperature overnight. This is primarily stated as working temperature, meaning that the materials might go smoothly and you might end up enjoying seamless application with the beautiful results.

While trying to discuss needs with a painting contractor, make sure to ask him some questions to ensure that your chosen company is an experienced one. It helps in getting professional results in the end.

Things you better ask your contractors:

What is the time you normally choose for painting and how late do you paint? These answers might determine whether you get to hire contractor or move on to someone else. It is not usually good idea for you to start earlier than 8 am. So, if the contractor tells you to paint till it gets dark in the evening, time has come to move to another name in this field. You must give enough drying time for all paint that has already been applied before the temperature begins to fall under below the freezing level.

Sometimes, you might have to use paints designed to be used during winter months. A pro painting contractor will be able to explain that new paints are low temperature compatible. Moreover, a trusted professional painter will explain on how temperatures might affect paint and how it is always best to paint during sunny days between the time frame of 8 am and 1 to 2 pm. Make sure to get all these points covered before the next step comes.

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