How To Choose Right Roof Colour?

Getting new roof is a super exciting option, don’t you think! It is your first chance to revamp the look of your place completely. But, it can often turn out to be a scary decision as well, as you will have to live with it for a long time. So, a single mistake in selecting the perfect colour for your roof can actually degrade the quality of the entire house aesthetic. You don’t want that. Therefore, it is always important to work hard and consider few points before you actually hook up to a final decision.

  • Make sure to check the climate of your residential place:

The colour of your shingles will always affect temperature of attic by around 20 to 40 degrees. It can always make huge difference in cooling or heating cost of the house. Light shingles help in deflecting sunlight and will keep the temperatures down in some hotter climates. Then you have the darker coloured shingles, which will absorb heat and help homes maintain their warm temperature in some of the colder climates. Dark shingles help ice and snow to melt a lot faster. So, make sure to mark the areas you live before working on roof colours.

  • Coordinating with the shingle colour:

You can coordinate the colour of shingle will that of wooden siding, bricks, stucco, stone or trim on house. For example, a darker shade of black or grey roof will always look amazing with blue or darker grey house. On the other hand, you have cream, brown or tan coloured homes, which will match a lot better with the brown shingles or even mix of brown and cream. Red, green, yellow and some of the other colours will have flexibility and can be well accented by grey, brown or black.

  • Dealing with architectural style and whether you need to make a statement or not:

The house colours and architectural style of your place should be well kept in mind. Dark colours will make home look smaller and light colours will do the opposite. It will make the place look larger than usual. Moreover, you have to be sure whether you plan to make any statement with roof colour or not. If you want to make a statement, you can pick unusual colour combination with home. On the other hand, you have every right to be traditional if you want to with the colour choices.

  • Have to check on the neighbourhood considerations:

Before you head for the perfect roof colour, you need to deal with neighbourhood considerations like subdivision rules, covenants and even homeowner’s association. It is also quite nice if the roof does not match or even clash with the colour of your nearby neighbour.

You better be sure of the availability of roofing colours in your selected area. It is yet another important consideration as the brand or colour you want might not be available in your selected area. An example might sort out the issue well. You can ask roofing experts online to help you understand about GAF colour shingles, which are available near your hand.

  • Go for the preview of roof colours first before selecting:

You need to view what the colours will actually look like in real life or virtually. For example, some roofing experts will have a colour visualizer tool, where you get to see multiple colours beforehand. It will make sure how the home might look. Some other roofers will bring you some shingle samples to your place to view the colour next to siding or brick. It will help in making the decision fool proof virtually.

Before you choose any roofing colour, contact a qualified roofing professional for tips and advices on that. You can select the colour and the team will present you with quality installation. It will help you to maintain an aesthetically pleasing look for your place. You can maintain that glorified look for longer span of time.

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