A Great (Free) Location For Kids Birthday Parties In Brisbane

Organising your kid’s birthday parties can be exhausting. There’s so much to consider and so many small details to take care of that most of us want the venue to at least be easy to confirm ahead of time.

Many people like to have their parties in a park so their house doesn’t end up full of party debris. This can also be handy if you have a small house and don’t have anywhere for kids to run around and get out all that energy they’ve amassed from eating party food! With Queensland having such a lovely climate, an outdoor party is really a no-brainer for energetic kids or frazzled parents!

Free park locations are also great because parties can get expensive!

You might not be aware, but Brisbane has some fabulous park locations where you can hold your child’s next birthday party. You can scope out your local park and get there early to snaffle the tables or you can choose to go somewhere with in-built entertainment to take the pressure off you to keep the kids busy.

Depending where you choose to hold your celebration, you might want to ensure some other parents stick around to help you supervise. You were warned!

Southbank Parklands in Brisbane city is the perfect venue for your children’s party. Home to the old World Expo 88 site, Southbank Parklands is a fabulous location that has so much to do that the kids will be exhausted at the end of the party.

Those holidaying in the Brisbane area at the time of their child’s birthday can offer a fun day out that doesn’t cost too much. You have all the facilities built-in to make the day special, even though you might be far from home.

There are loads of tables and chairs and BBQ areas to make your lunch. There are plenty of places to swim or get involved in water play and the beach area has lifeguards on duty at peak times. Parking is fairly close by (though the price for parking has risen steeply in recent years) making it fairly easy to cart your party supplies into the park.

There are climbing frames in several spots, weekend markets and shops and restaurants to pick up something you forgot to bring or just treat the kids to an ice cream in the heat. The Brisbane river runs right along the Parklands and can make a striking background to your party photos.

On a sunny weekend the Southbank Parklands are very busy and you’ll need to make sure you have a plan to get there early and save your spot. Free museums, cheap cinemas and the ever-popular Science Centre are also close by if you decide to make one of those the feature of your party.

The play and pool areas of Southbank have the extra benefit of being away from any busy roadways. There are plenty of public toilets and change rooms for your group to take advantage of. You’ll find you can relax here and enjoy your child’s party right along with them.

When it’s all over you can pack up and not worry about anything else. You don’t have to spend the next two days cleaning your house and promising yourself a party at McDonalds next year!

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