A Brief Description Of Garage Door Openers

A garage door opener is a mechanical device that helps you in opening and closing your garage door. C.G. Johnson invented the electric garage door openers in Indiana. This tool got famous after the Chicago based company; Era Meter propagated it. Just like in an elevator most of the motor power is not utilized in moving the heavy door. Rather a lot of the door weight is counterbalanced by the springs which are attached to the door.

Garage Door Openers
Garage Door Openers

Usually, in the garage door design, the tools described as torsion springs help in applying the torque to shafts. The shaft, on the other hand, helps in using a force on the garage door with the help of counterbalance cables made of steel. This gadget usually applies quite a small amount of power while opening the door.

The usual door opener consists of a power unit containing an electric motor. The group usually stays attached to a track. There is also a trolley that remains connected along with an arm attached to the top of the garage door. There is also a significant mechanism that stays along with the trolley allowing the disconnection of the garage door. The same is needed in case of manual operation or power failure.

The distance of the opening of the garage doors is also connected along with various switches.  Even you can find some automated garage doors which can be operated by mobile app. You can operate such doors with a remote-control system or a mobile app.

Garage Door Openers
Garage Door Openers

Types of garage door openers

Garage door openers are usually of five types

  • The chain drive openers operate by connecting the motor and the trolley.
  • The belt drive openers prefer using a rubber belt in the place of a chain.
  • Screwdriver openers consist of a long screw along with the track. The connection of this trolley is along with the screw.
  • The direct-drive openers are present inside the trolley using the aspect of a gear wheel for guiding the cart using a fixed chain.
  • Jackshaft openers are usually mounted on the wall within either end of the torsion bar.

Remote Control

The original wireless garage door openers came under the invention and were developed along with two inventors from the US. The older version of the remote was quite simple and had just a simple transmitter along with a receiver for controlling the mechanism. The transmission was usually on a designated frequency as the receiver would generally try to catch radio signals for instruction about closing or opening the garage.

The second stage of the garage doors openers of the wireless kind omitted the problem of opening the garage door of the neighbor by mistake. The controls of this particular system usually generated a specific type of code while the receiver often responded only towards that code.  You can keep your garage doors safe by using these codes and you can change the security code anytime according to your needs.

Then along came the next stage of the garage door openers which used the aspect of using the frequency spectrum of about 300-400MHz spectrum along with a rolling code technology for defeating the code grabbers as well. Besides the transmission of a unique identifier for the range of spectrum control. Additionally, there is an encrypted message and a rolling code that is also sent to the receiver.

Lastly lies the fourth stage of the garage door openers. This type is almost equivalent to the third stage of the system but operates on a limited frequency of about 315 MHz.

Garage opening doors are usually quite an efficient system which helps in the proper and quick management of the automatic doors.

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