Why your business needs an LED Sign

Did you know that digital displays capture 400% more views than static displays and that their recall rate is substantially higher than any other traditional media?  Did you know that digital point-of-sale advertising can drive sales up by as much as 30%?   What if you knew that customers are likely to spend up to 30 percent more time browsing in store after the installation of digital signage?

Well, if you’re a business owner and you aren’t aware of these numbers – you may want to check out LED digital signage to see what it could do for your bottom-line.

If you’re in the business of attracting or keeping customers, then it’s all about communication and keeping your audience engaged and informed – and what better way to do it than with an eye-catching LED display.  Quality digital signs provide powerful, visually engaging experiences that capture passing traffic, enable innovative in-store marketing and keep visitors and spectators informed and entertained.

From restaurants and hotels, stadiums and schools, retail and commercial operations, if your business needs to connect with existing and potential customers, increase foot traffic and improve sales, you could do with an LED sign.  Here’s why:

Bright and beautiful

Given that the human eye is naturally drawn to light that is well above the ambient level, it simply makes sense to install a bright and colourful LED sign.  They’re visible 24/7 so your signage works for you even when you’re not working, giving you round-the-clock exposure and helping your business stand out from the competition.   And remember, it is possible to get an LED sign with a dimmer feature so you can control the ambience of your environment.

Boost revenue

Advertising messages can strongly influence customers’ purchasing decisions, particularly at the point-of-sale.   So just imagine what a colourful, visually appealing LED sign could do for boosting foot traffic and increasing opportunities for impulse buys, cross-selling and up-selling opportunities at your business?  They’re clearly a revenue-generating solution which you should be investigating. Also, a clear and impactful LED sign outside your premises means no more lost revenue because customers can’t locate your business.

Durable and low on maintenance

Unlike traditional neon signs which are fragile and can pose a safety hazard, LED signage is constructed from tough, impact-resistant materials so they last longer.  They also don’t need much maintenance – even in the harshest weather conditions – so you won’t have unnecessary costs putting a dent in your profits. 

Keep your message fresh

LED signs can be customisable which means you can keep your advertising message fresh and relevant.  Easy-to-use software puts you in control of the content so you can highlight special deals, provide product information, entice customers with daily offers, draw attention to promotions and in-store competitions, advertise changing rates – the options are endless.   

Save on energy costs

Who wouldn’t say ‘yes’ to saving money on their energy bill?  Despite their ultra-bright and colourful appearance, LED signs are surprisingly economical on power, consuming 2-4 times less energy than conventional neon or fluorescent signage which is great news for your bottom-line.   What’s more, as your ‘green’ credentials become ever more crucial, you can rest assured that the exceptional energy savings from LED signs make them an environmentally friendly choice.

Return on investment

ROI is a focus for any business owner and because LED signs last longer, cost less to run and have a marked positive effect on a business, they offer a speedy return on the initial outlay. 

In addition to revenue improvements and increased recall and retention rates of advertising and brand messages, LED digital signs boast plenty of other benefits.  To learn more about how LED signs could have a strong impact on your sales, revenue and profits, get in touch with the leaders in LED signs in Perth, iCATCHER Digital Signs.  

iCATCHER specialises in the design, manufacture and installation of premium quality LED digital signs in Perth and is your one-stop shop for innovative, colourful digital solutions which will help you boost your business and engage with your community.  Find out more at www.icatcher.com.au or call them on 0416 053 335 today.

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