Why is Pine timber an Important Member of the Softwood Species?

Pine trees are evergreen and coniferous timber which is used to make wood furniture and is also used as plywood. It is soft and lightweight. The pine timber lives up to for 200 years and can grow up to a height of at least 40 meters. The timber comes in different shapes of round and rectangle. These pines can be used as wooden planks as well where it is used for making a different kind of goods. Some of the applications are building construction, wood composite materials, masts, poles, paper, paneling of façade of the building, window or door frames and interior furniture. They are very easy to slice and nail while making goods out of it. It is also easy to handle. 

Kinds of Pine Timber 

#1. Yellow Pine: it is the least expensive pine wood. It is yellow in color and can be cut into three different kinds of shapes. The load-bearing capacity of the timber is excellent. Because of its strength and high density, it is considered to be best for boat making, house furniture, and other wood related goods. It gives a smooth touch to the good made.

#2. Deal Pine: it is a mixed brown and yellow color planks which are stunning when used to make wooden goods. These are considered the best choice when it comes to wooden doors and window frames because of its extraordinary color.  It is generally used in the interior furnishing of the house.

#3. White Pine: this is one of the softest pines in all the other pine categories and so it is not ideal for building constructions as it might cause breakage. Its color and its look make it perfect for carving handicrafts. It is resistant to water and shrinks very less.

#4. Blue Pine: this is not so much different than yellow pine. It has a good load bearing capacity and gives a beautiful bluish-black stain which is considered to be the best color stains for wood goods. It is also good in herbal and medicinal uses.

Advantages of Using Pine Timber 

As already known, pine can easily stain and so they can easily be used with varnish or paints to give a good color effect to the good. This is one of the advantages of using pine timber and so there are many other ways how pine wood is useful. 

#1. Affordability: Pines are inexpensive as they are found naturally and are spread in vast hilly areas. Thus, the supply is high and so the cost automatically goes down for them. As it is fragile than any other timber, so it is always preferred to use it in decorative purposes only.

#2. Resistance: one of the good property of pines are they are the remedies for rotting and decays. Some of the pines have natural resistance property while some of them have to pressures to do so. It helps them durable enough.

#3. Decorative Element: it is very easy to drive nails inside the pine woods and because of that pine timber is less preferred for any furniture. It is generally used in handicrafts or for frames (door, windows or photo frames) or for decorative purposes in the gardens like benches or swings. They are best suited for building up tree houses, patios, porch or any other relax place. It adds a different kind of antique look to space because of its different color variations. 

Pine timber is considered to be a versatile option. It is the wood which is easier to work because it can be cut and pierced very easily without any damages in the timber.

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