5 Ways To Prevent The Roof Lining From Sagging

The Roof Lining or Head Lining is the fabric part of the car attached to the roof. It gives the roof a subtle finish, dampens noise, and defers the cold.

Over the years, the roof lining fabric can detach from its backing board, resulting in the sagging roof lining.

When the condition of the glue that holds headlining deteriorates, sagging occurs. The process picks up speed if the headlining becomes wet and adhesive becomes moist and dissolves. Sometimes the sagging becomes so bad that it gets in the way.

So, how to repair a sagging headliner without removing it, in the most budget-friendly way? Here we have some tips for you to stop it from sagging.

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Glue up the Roof Lining Back in Place

If the roof lining has only declined partially, for instance, at the corners or around the edges, you can use glue to attach it back. The best practice to do is to utilize roof lining adhesive sprays, to make sure that the glue is distributed evenly.

Some DIY- lovers like to use hot glue to re-attach the headlining.

If you want to do things in a better way, it’s best to take your roof lining panel completely out of your car, pull out the fabric and clear out the entire adhesive. Then use the best adhesive to glue the headlining back in place.

These adhesives come in two forms- liquid and aerosol. Aerosol adhesive comes in the spray cans for easy use. The glue you are going to buy should also be compatible with high and low temperatures.

Pin down the Sagging Roof Lining

It is one of the most affordable fixes that does not demand much time. Push the nails through the fabric to the foam backing board.

This method requires no specialized knowledge. All you require to do is buy yourself a set of thumb pins. You can also create a design out of the pins to make it look fancy and attractive.

Just in case the situation gets worse, you should look out for best roof lining repairs. For instance, suppose you belong to Gold Coast region, you can search out online using keywords like “car roof lining repair gold coast.”

Use Clear-headed Twist Pins

Clear-headed twist pins are specially designed pins to deal sagging roof lining problems.

These pins have a sharp end that twists into the head. When you push it against the foam board, you need to rotate and the roof lining sticks in place. This is the most inexpensive way to cope with sagging roof lining. Make a creative design for your roof lining with these pins.

An additional advantage of using these twist pins is that they are harmless to the fabric. They don’t leave holes in the foam board and make it look bad, as the pins do.

Use Paint Rollers and Steam Cleaner

Everyday household items like paint rollers and steam cleaners can be useful while dealing with sagging headlining.

Grab your steam cleaner and use it to heat the roof lining. The heat helps to melt the already dried up adhesive on the roof lining. Next step is to use the paint roller to smooth out any twitches and wrinkles on the roof lining.

A word of precaution is that don’t heat up the roof lining too much otherwise you might suffer a burnt or shrunk roof lining and triple damage.

Use Double-Sided Tape

Using double-sided tape is one of the easiest ways to fix the sagging roof lining.

It is as simple as 1,2,3… All you got to do is buy a double-sided tape from a stationary. After applying, it will stick to the roof’s frame as well as the fabric, causing it to hold back.

This method is best to fix extensive damage on the edges, or if your roof lining has detached around rear view mirror mounting.

Using Stapler Gun and Hair Spray:

Now this one might come as little out of the box, but staples and hair spray is one of the cost-effective ways to handle sagging roof lining.

Simply, staple the sagging headliner to the foam board. After stapling, grab the Hairspray and spread it over the headliner. Now sit back and wait till the spray gets dried up; once dried, remove the staples and bingo, it’s done!

Final Words

To conclude, whether you are gathering sequin pins from the market or pondering some glue, whether borrowing your friend’s stapler gun or fixing them with double-sided tape, it is always necessary to know the nature of your problem and then reach out for corresponding solutions.

Spend some quality time researching, ask your colleagues, browse the web pages, read blogs to know which method is suitable for your vehicle.

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