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I visited this heavenly destination in December. Two hours away from Brisbane airport, the sunshine coast boasts of its white sand beaches, out of the world theme parks and crystal blue luculent water. It has got many nicknames. Gold coast is popularly known as the theme park capital of Australia. It is also known worldwide as the surfer’s paradise. Many surfing academies are there which gives a didactic training on surfing. The good ones are Gold coast surf academy, embassy English surfer’s paradise and there are a few others.

I got out of the Brisbane airport and took a cab to Gold Coast. The roads were as smooth as butter. Every other cars which I saw on my way there had a surfing boards and boats attached to it. Due to its location in the southern hemisphere, it is summer in December. The weather was warm and sunny and the sky was spotless blue. . I checked into The Grand Chancellor hotel. After refreshment, I headed for the beautiful Main beach to relax and enjoy the salubrious setting. People can be seen sunbathing and surfing. The waves are perfectly suited for a good surfing experience. The exotic beach will leave you in a state of ecstasy.

the main beach

The city has quite a few sky scrapers. I went to the Skypoint, which is an observation deck of a building which has got 77 floors, from where you can get a 360 degrees view of whole of the gold coast. The runic view will leave you in awe. Moreover, after you get to the observation deck, you can climb another 298 stairs to the summit. It is a must for adventure loving people to go up to the highest point.

At night, I went for a stroll along the beach side road enjoying the light sea breeze on my face, with a full moon and myriad of stars overhead. The gold coast is very well decorated at this time of the year with colorful lights everywhere and the streets are very well lit. You can see people singing Christmas carols in groups and people doing various street shows to add to the bling. The streets were covered with Christmas lights and statues of Santa and reindeers. There were a few stalls by the beachside road, selling showpieces, eateries like strawberries, dried beef etc. A stall was there where could click pictures with a snake and a baby alligator hanging around your neck. It’s a must for the kids. The tourist count was high at this time of the year. People had come from all around the world to spend Christmas and New Year in this blithe place. To sum it up, this exotic place is at its culmination point at this time of the year.


theme night

The place got its nickname of THE THEME PARK CAPITAL OF AUSTRALIA because it has quite a few theme parks. The one which I visited was the Warner bros., Movie World. The entrance gate is magnificent with a huge logo of Warner Bros. When I entered, I was given the map of the theme park. I witnessed the colorful and mind-blowing roller coasters, which are probably some of the best roller coasters in the world each one having its own theme of superman, green lantern and other superheroes. The superman roller coaster is a must try because this one is the tallest. As I proceeded, I entered a 7D movie hall. A funny Disney movie was played. The effects in it were realistic, fun and gave an overall different experience. After that I went to a stunt show where I witnessed bikes flying from one plank to another, cars moving on only two wheels and numerous other stunts.

It was a very thrilling experience. It is a must watch show. The park is filled with street plays, cartoon and superhero characters. While walking down the park lane, I encountered the batman, wonderwoman, green lantern, supergirl, catwoman and the Scooby doo vanity van with Scooby, shaggy, Velma, Freddie and Daphne. I also clicked pictures with the gorgeous and classy Marilyn Monroe. The buildings there also had their own themes. Some of them went by name of Gotham City headquarters and spooky Scooby doo tower. Souvenir shops are also there having all superhero and cartoon themed bracelets, T shirts, belts, watches and much more.

There is a separate section having rides for kids below 10 years or so, which had a beautiful and aesthetic Mickey Mouse theme. In the evening, all the characters from around the park come together and do a parade. This place has a lot to offer. I started in the morning and it was evening by the time I explored the whole place. It is a very happening place and one can enjoy to the fullest with family and friends, making cherished memories.


justice league characters

The sunshine coast is an amazing vacation destination and a perfect getaway in Australia. It makes you forget all the problems in life and lets you have a peaceful and relaxing time. It must be included in the itineraries of all the tourists from around the world to visit this heavenly place.

Sourik Dhua

Sourik Dhua

Sourik Dhua is a contributor to the Adore Australia blog. Visit his blog at https://ecstatictravel.wordpress.com

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