Indulge your sense of taste – Sydney edition

Those of you who are looking for the perfect place to spend their holiday should book their flights to the Land Down Under and its culinary capital Sydney. The city is brimming with natural wonders and sights to explore. You will find the Harbour Bridge magnificent and see why everyone is so into the Opera House, but what will leave you utterly amazed are the delicious meals and tasty drinks this city has to offer.

Image credits: 1. Publicdomainpictures 2. Pattyjansen
Image credits: 1. Publicdomainpictures 2. Pattyjansen

As it is a melting pot of nations and cultures, there is plenty of both native and international restaurants to check out once you decide to visit Sydney.

However, there is a thing you need to be aware – the new law. So if you are planning on hitting the down-town and its cafes and having one too many you should know that the lockout is at 1:30 and last drinks at 3:00.

Try cocktails at Hinky Dinks

If you are thinking about the perfect place to try some extraordinary cocktails go for Hinky Dinks at 185 Darlinghurst Road. There are a lot of unusual cocktails which are bound to tickle your palate. You should taste Clockwork Orange, no matter if you are a film connoisseur or just a cocktail junkie. Tanquray, peach, Aperol, Passionfruit and lemon juice will keep you refreshed.

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Taste something exotic at Zaaffran

Hit the Level 2, 345 Harbourside Shopping Centre to enter an Indian restaurant called Zaaffran. The staff is what makes this restaurant so cosy. You should try Zaaffran Khoorus Biryani brimming with protein and carbohydrates which will keep you energised for the long strolls along the city. If you are vegetarian or vegan you will be pleased to hear there are a lot of great dishes you can taste here.

Image credit: 1. Lablascovegmenu 2. Lablascovegmenu 3. Lablascovegmenu
Image credit: 1. Lablascovegmenu 2. Lablascovegmenu 3. Lablascovegmenu

Try Australian cuisine at Bistro Avoca

The best Australian dishes are served at Bistro Avoca, placed at 133 Avoca Street. There are a lot of tasty meals to have a bite of, but what you should try is pan roasted barramundi with broccolini, beetroot and yellow curry sauce. You will need a lot of energy to take up some Australian water sports such as stand up paddle boarding so you’d better go for something that will be both healthy and hunger-satisfying.

The best wines are at Café Mint

Those of you who are interested in Sydney wine scene should definitely visit Café Mint 579 Crown Street. Its cosy wooden tables will make you think you were somewhere at the Mediterranean as well as the tasty food and drinks. If you are vegetarian or should eat only gluten-free food, you will be thrilled by vast offer of this café. But there is something only the best wine restaurants in Sydney serve – the best wines from the world famous Margaret River. Be sure to go for one out there and see why Australia is the home to some of the best wines in the world.

Image credit: 1. Quinn Dombrowski 2. Alpha
Image credit: 1. Quinn Dombrowski 2. Alpha

Check out Rockpool

Once you have checked out traditional and exotic food in Sydney, you should go for some modern Australian cuisine at Rockpool, 11 Bridge Street. You will have the unique opportunity to taste the delicious seafood which is fresh. Go for South Coast Abalone that is cooked in brown butter and served with seaweed. The healthy dish will help you change your eating habits once you try why the locals are so mad about this restaurant and its food.
There is no better place in Australia than Sydney to go and indulge your sense of taste. Stretching from native cuisine, exotic meals, contemporary dishes and some marvellous wine and cocktails, the offer will leave you speechless. Book your flight to the best place for eating and drinking out there is and enjoy yourself!

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