What Do You Know About Different Types of Tractors Used in Agriculture?

Tractors are heavily used for transportation in every part of the world. People are using tractors since the beginning of the 19th century when the three wheel tractors were launched for commercial use. They are mainly used for agriculture purpose so that farmers can easily pull or push agriculture implements in their farm fields. Due to increasing need of production for the rising requirements of crops from every part of the world, it has become very necessary to use latest farming machines.

Tractors for Sale

Tractors for Sale

We cannot work manually and produce large amounts of crops so to solve this issue we have to adapt new farming machines and tractors are one such machine. In this article you will read about the different types of tractors used for agriculture. You can buy an used tractor for sale for all your agricultural needs and also get tractors on rent. Most people buy tractors either for their own farming land, or if they want to give the tractors on rent to large companies or industrial segments.

The tractors are classified into three major types named as:

• Based on Construction
• Based on Drive
• Your purpose to use the tractor

The tractors are classified on the basis of construction also and we can classify it into two types named as:

1. There are tractors in which the driver can sit and drive.
2. Walking type tractors

Walking type tractors are basically divided into two types named as Track type and wheel type tractors.

Track type tractors

In track type tractors there is no use of wheels and track is used which is fitted on either side. There is no use of steering gear in these types of tractors. If you want to stop the tractor then you have to push break to one side of the track. However, you must ensure that the tractors are durable and they are certified for excellence. You should also check the wheel arrangement for proper alignment when the tractor moves.

Half track type

You will see a small track chain which is usually fitted at the back end and you will find tyres in front end. They are not mainly used for agricultural tasks instead they are used to reclaiming barren lands. They are fitted to ensure that contact area with ground will be larger so that power of tractors will increase. You can mainly see these types of tractors in dams.

Tractor for Sale

Tractor for Sale

Wheel type tractors

You can see wheel type tractors in agriculture sector due to their fast running speed. The tyres fitted in the wheel type tractors can absorb some amount of field shock. They are heavily used in hills areas, small farms and for gardening work.

Three wheel tricycle tractors

Popular 20 years back these tractors are now replaced by four wheel tractors. Generally you can see a single wheel fitted in the front end or maybe two wheel sometime and best to use for short turns.

The third type of tractor is classified on the basis of purpose or uses.

Earth moving tractors

These tractors are used to handle the heavy farm machines. Earth moving tractors are expensive so some companies have tractors for sale so that you don’t need to buy a new tractor. They are used to work on dams and quarries. These tractors are also used to move stones and coals from the quarries and mines to the place of construction. There are different load capacities that are used for the earth moving tractors and depending on this gradation you can buy the tractors. The mileage, model and the condition of the tractor must be checked before you buy the tractors on sale.

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