Warehouse Line Marking: The Types and Why They are Important

Line marking is very important for any warehouse in order to manage the traffic. It can be used as an alternative for the signage and various other warning devices.

A warehouse is a place where vehicles, pedestrians and mobile plants work together. The risk of accidents is very high in these warehouses, so it is important to take necessary precautions for the safety of the employees.

Classification of Warehouse Line Marking:

The line painting and floor marking helps in segregating the vehicles and pedestrians in a warehouse. It reduces the accidents and injuries improving the workplace safety on the whole.

#1. Line Painting: Line Painting is a permanent solution. So, it is perfect for warehouses where the setup will never change. It also endeavors more polished look and durability.

#2. Floor Marking: Floor marking is a temporary solution. It uses tape for marking. Compared to Line Painting, floor marking is cheaper and easier to install. If the layout of a warehouse is fluid and if things need to be moved around often in a warehouse, then floor marking is the ideal choice.

Inkling for Warehouse Line Marking:

#1. Prepare the area and the staff:  This applies to any type of warehouse line marking. You have to alert the employees that they shouldn’t walk on the new line marking paint for 24 hours, and even then, it will not be able to withstand heavy traffic for approximately 72 hours. This could mean suspending operations at your facility, depending on the locations you’ll be painting. It goes without saying that it will require a lot of preparations in the decision making. Before line marking tape or paint, the area should be completely cleaned in advance of application, using concrete degreaser. To avoid accidental contact, cordon off the locations where the floor line marking will be done.

#2. Have a Solid Plan: Regardless of which marking method you decide, a solid plan for positioning of the markings is must. To make the most efficient use of your time, a detailed plan must be created for exactly where you intend your floor line marking to be applied. This will allow you to work out any questionable layouts and solve the necessary problems without wasting time. It is not enough to picture it in your head, but its sketch is needed to see how it improves the organization and efficiency in your warehouse.

#3. Prepare the space: Operations in the warehouse needs to be suspended especially if you have chosen to use permanent line marking.  It requires a lot of time to apply and dry. On an average, it requires 24 hours to dry and 72 hours to endure heavy traffic.

Warehouse Line Marking

Warehouse Line Marking

#4. Premark the space: Another essential part of the preparation is pre-marking the places – a chalk line of laser for ensuring that the paint or tape goes down in the straight line. This will help to solve problems related to layouts and its analysis before you mark it permanently.

#5. Color Guidelines and Recommendations: There are certain recommendations for line marking the warehouse. The color of the line can help the people to interpret the signs.

  • White: Machines, Racks, Carts
  • Red: Defect
  • Yellow: Traffic lanes, Paths, Aisles
  • Orange: Energized equipment
  • Green: Finished goods
  • Black: Work in progress
  • Blue: Raw materials
  • Black and Yellow: Physical and health hazards.
  • Red and White: Non-accessible for safety reasons
  • Black and White: Non-accessible for operational purposes


Thus, Warehouse line marking can significantly contribute to the safety of the employees. It also improves the efficiency of the work operations. It is important to take utmost care while considering the color, position, material, and width of the floor marking lines. Warehouse Line Marking can also be done with airless paint sprayers and it is a simple and innovative way of laying down clear, visible line markings.

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