What are the best tips for beginning your training as a Helicopter pilot?

Best Helicopter learning tips

Helicopter flight training is simultaneously challenging and satisfying. It may be the most exciting and frightening experience you tackle. Consequently, if you would like a positive experience during your flight instruction, then follow these hints below.

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If you’re not certain if you would like to pursue flying a helicopter, then try using a discovery trip. A discovery flight permits you to climb at the pilot seat of a coaching helicopter having a teacher. You’ll find a notion about what it’s like to fly a helicopter and what you could expect from flight college classes.

You’re able to spend some time with a teacher and discuss the particulars of your practice. This is a superb time for asking questions. You might also have the chance to ride at a simulator. If you find that you’re more enthusiastic about learning how to fly a helicopter, then registering for classes is another step.

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2. Pick a Respectable FLIGHT TRAINING SCHOOL

Ideally, you would like to discover a flight training school with the maximum level of certification potential. Federal Aviation Regulation (FAR) requires a college must operate below at least FAR Part 61. Some colleges also function under FAR Part 141, which requires broader instruction and evaluation by exceptionally skilled certified flight instructors (CFIs).

FAR Part 61 flight colleges provide the identical excellent level of instruction as FAR Part 141 schools. But, FAR Part 141 schools provide more comprehensive instruction with more prerequisites. Thus, when selecting a flight school, inquire about FAR 61 and 141 certificate. Also, inquire about the flight encounter of this CFIs including complete logged flight and coaching hours.


While the price of flying a helicopter several times each week can add up, you might find it hard to keep what you know if you wait too long between sessions. Since each new theory builds upon the past, you would like to be certain that you’ve got a firm grasp of the former semester.

Additionally, waiting too long between every course can allow you to eliminate motivation and finally stop the program, thus wasting cash. Taking numerous classes each week is going to keep you moving, help you get your certificate faster, and also help you keep what you heard. Most experts suggest that you take at least two classes each week.


You may enhance your flight abilities while sitting in a relaxed and secure environment in your workplace, house, or any place else on the floor. The technique called Armchair Flying lets you practice your processes facing a process coach, which can be a mockup of the cockpit.

Throughout armchair flying, you clinic every process in a variety of situations, such as ordinary conditions or weather. Now you go through the processes to enhance both your mental and muscle memory.


If you would like to save some time and cash, in addition to frustration, then examine your guides and examine your own lessons. Take good notes during floor training and ask a lot of questions through air training.

Ensure that you are ready for every forthcoming semester. Being prepared will make your coaching go easily and provide you more purposeful flight time. Ensure to know what you’ll pay for in the upcoming lesson and what you covered in the preceding lesson.


If you’re like most pilots, then you may encounter a lot of challenges when studying how to fly any helicopter. The only means to conquer those challenges would be to keep your practice and training. Helicopters aren’t the easiest aircraft to fly.

For this reason, you are going to wish to be patient in your practice and keep going if you confront challenges. At some point, you can overcome the issues and become a fantastic pilot. So keep going!

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