Cocktail Dress Styles You Can Wear for Your Christmas Parties

The cocktail dress is the definitive women’s holiday attire. Treading the line between formal and informal, fun and elegant, sexy and sophisticated, every woman who wants to do the season in style needs at least one incredible holiday-ready cocktail dress.

What makes a cocktail dress holiday ready?

Glad you asked. There isn’t just any one thing that takes a regular cocktail dress and turns it into a festive masterpiece, but there are a few key elements that define holiday cocktail style, and some dresses embody this more than others. Check it out.

The Ice Queen

This dress looks like you slipped on a snowflake. Delicate but undeniably present, the ice queen look speaks warmly to your affection for the holiday season. Featuring lace, beading, sequins, and an almost transparent quality, these dresses can be worn beautifully throughout the season, from a pre-Christmas night at the symphony to a New Year’s Eve gala downtown. What makes this style of cocktail dress so holiday apropos is that unlike garish red or green dresses bespeckled with pom-pom Christmas lights, this option tastefully reflects the ambiance of the season. There is nothing garish about this garment.

White Christmas

The deep jewel tones of Christmas cocktail wear are wonderful, but they are also common. Change things up with white or off-white cocktail dress. This stunning seasonal option is both bold and understated. It speaks to a quiet, but powerful confidence that will never go amiss in any crowded room.

While there can be ice queen elements in the white Christmas look, like sheer fabrics and lace, this style is defined by stronger lines and a slightly less whimsical cut. It is not a style that flows or billows, but a look that is as structured and exceptional as a snow-capped mountain peak.

Holiday Cheer

Nothing says the holidays quite like a tall, slender glass of sparkling wine, which is why a dress that’s reminiscent of this image will never go amiss. Light, playful but capable of packing a punch, this dress style features graceful lines and inspired detailing. To really capture this look, opt for a champagne colored dress.

Walk into a holiday party in any one of these remarkable cocktail dresses, and you’re sure to turn heads for all the right reasons. Like the season itself, your dress is enduring, tasteful and universally appealing.

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