Selling Your Car During a Pandemic? Maintain and Sanitise It

Selling Car During Pandemic

The pandemic is creating a lot of forced decisions. People are pressed to sell their car in the Sunshine Coast (and, indeed, across Australia), it’s important to ensure that the car you’re selling is not only fit to drive but also sanitised to minimum health standards.

Many used autos around the country are usually cleaned up and sanitised before going to the dealer. But it’s always best to give it a good walk-around to make sure that everything is in tip-top shape. After all, you’re going to want to give people their money’s worth (and help reduce the risk of them catching the virus).

Here are some basic maintenance and sanitation tips if you want to sell your car during a pandemic:

Pay Attention to the Details

Any car owner will tell you: listen to your car. And they’re being literal: your car makes a lot of sounds to let you know if something is wrong.

Turn your engine and give your car a brief drive-around your neighborhood. Pay attention to any unusual noise it might be making. Take a quick peek at where you just parked and inspect it for any leaks. While driving, pay attention to any weird and sudden vibrations, as well as odd scents, like burning or smoldering. If you notice any of these things, pop the bonnet and take a quick inspection.

It’s also a good idea to have a mechanic take a look just so you have a professional’s opinion (most mechanics are required to have Personal Protective Equipment). Just make sure to wear your face mask if they come over to your house.

Clean Out (and Sanitise) Your Car Interiors

Give your car a very good wash before a buyer comes over. But make sure you give your car’s interiors some attention, too. Take out all carpeting and give them a good scrub and vacuum the interiors as well.

Deep-clean your car’s upholstery and spray the interiors with disinfectant. Coronavirus can easily cling onto your car’s interiors, and if you don’t disinfect it, you’ll be selling a car that’s practically a roving plague. Avoid this by getting your car’s interiors sprayed with medical-grade disinfectant. It may not ensure that the virus is dead, but it goes a very long way to reducing the risk of a potential buyer picking up the virus from your car.

Give Your Air Filters a Good Cleaning

Most cars are more responsible than humans because they usually have air filters installed. These filters make sure that leaves, dust, and other small debris don’t muck up your engine. Over time, however, this “face mask” gets clogged, so if you’re planning to sell your car, clean out the air filter so that the engine runs as smoothly as possible.

Modern cars usually have cabin filters installed in the ventilation system. Like a face mask, they also stop dust and small debris from entering the cabin and giving everyone a bad time. Check your cabin filter and replace it with new ones before selling. It’s also not a bad idea to give them a good spray-down with some disinfectant.

Again, it may not stop the virus dead in its tracks, but it does go a long way to reducing risks, not to mention impressing your potential buyer with how much attention you give to the little details.

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