The Benefits of Owning a Trampoline

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Many of us associate a trampoline with our childhood. Fun-filled hours of bouncing heaven as you gained big air or learned a new trick. Today’s upgraded (and far safer) trampoline experience also returns the same joy, along with a whole host of other benefits.

Young or old, installing a tramp in your garden brings the following advantages…

  • Improves physical fitness: From heart health to increased energy levels, the cardiovascular benefits you get from regular trampoline workouts are huge. For those of us whose joints have seen better days, taking the impact out of regular CV workouts is of enormous benefit. Showing this kindness to your ankles, knees, hips and back by no means reduces your efforts. In fact, rebound exercise on a trampoline has been proven to bring 68% better results than going for a run! And for the little ones? They do, naturally, reap all the same benefits. But what better way to burn off some of that excess energy than to bounce to their heart’s content on their very own yard trampoline?
  • Improves mental. Health: We challenge anyone to get on a trampoline for a few minutes and not smile and laugh. It’s simply impossible not to have fun, no matter how sedate or adventurous you might be. In turn, these emotions cause feel-good endorphins and hormones to be produced – a mood-enhancing natural boost that continues way after you’ve finished jumping.
  • Improves motor skills and coordination: We’re never too old to improve these key life necessities. Young children need to work it out for the first time and as we age we need to sustain these abilities to ensure we remain fit and healthy as the decades roll by.
  • Can enhance the learning process: Combining exercise with the learning experience has been shown to play a significant role in improving cognitive function. It also helps kids engage and makes learning more fun. This doesn’t only apply to children. Imagine you’re trying to learn a new language or other skill – the same exercise benefits will focus your efforts as well.
  • Get your daily dose of vitamin D: All of us, young and old, need regular bouts of fresh air so our bodies can manufacture this essential vitamin. Slop on some sun cream and get bouncing: 15 minutes per day is all that’s needed to boost your production to a healthy level.
  • Helps boost the immune system: Rebound exercise stimulates the internal organs and lymphatic circulation. This is essential for a healthy immune system, which – in turn – helps us ward off or fight any infections that we might come into contact with.

Plus – the one overriding fact that’s probably the best reason for owning a trampoline… It’s awesomely enjoyable!

Trampolines come in all shapes and sizes, plus at levels to suit all budgets. Adding some bouncing action into your lifestyle is probably some of the best fun you can have with your clothes on (or, whatever – we’re not here to judge).

Isn’t it time you found out what all the fuss is about, find out more with Jump Star Trampolines.

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