The Australian Cleaning Company You Need to Know About

Not all cleaning companies are created equal. Anyone who’s ever had a bad run-in with subpar service can tell you this. While the job description may seem pretty straight forward, some cleaning services miraculously find a way to make a royal mess.

This is why it’s so refreshing to find a local cleaning company that has a reputation for dependability, excellent service, and guaranteed results. We’re talking about ChemDry Rapid Dry.

Right Where You Are, When You Need Them

Specializing in carpet care and cleaning, this Australian based company has been around for decades, and boasts a loyal client base all over the island continent. The secret to their years of successful service is three-fold: they guarantee their work, they’re dependable and they have exceptional customer service.


With different locations to serve you, ChemDry Rapid Dry is there when you need them, wherever you need them. This means they can take on new stains before they become a permanent fixture in your home. Or, if you have water damage, they can be there to help clean up, pronto.

Their dependability also extends to their staff. Each member of their team is a trained expert in the field: not just someone pulled in off the street and sent cluelessly into your home. You can rest assured that your carpets and rugs are in good, capable hands.

Guaranteed Results

Expert staff is joined by state-of-the-art technology to guarantee your results. This is a carpet cleaning company that stands behind what they’ve promised — and they won’t promise anything they can’t guarantee. It’s an old fashioned and sadly out-of-date business model, but with ChemDry Rapid Dry, their word is their bond.

Exceptional Customer Service

Your home is like their home, and they treat it with respect  — just like they treat their customers. They know that a pristine carpet doesn’t mean a thing if the customer isn’t happy with the people who cleaned it, which is why their staff is not only adept and professional, but also personable.

They do everything they can to ensure you have a comfortable experience; they walk you through the process, so you know exactly what you can expect. They let you know about the equipment and products they will be using, so you know that your carpet will get the best clean with solutions that are safe for you and your family.

Finally, they answer all your questions and address any concerns with knowledge and compassion. It’s this  — this combination of professionalism and humanity — that has made (and continues to make) ChemDry RapidDry one of the best carpet cleaning companies in Australia


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