Spray on Paving- Now even Pavements will be Decorated Here’s How

Spray On Paving

Spray on paving is the process by which a concrete coating is applied on an existing concrete floor for converting the concrete floor into an attractive and hard-wearing surface. This will increase the height of the concrete area by 1-2 inches which will enhance its look and durability. A concrete coating is applied in a new area which must be filled with concrete or on existing concrete floors and pavements.It is very easy to apply and gives the floor a much more malleable texture than ordinary concrete floors. This can be innovatively used to create patterns of tiles, bricks, company logos, insignia or any other design. It is used on driveways, alfresco, pavements and on the sports court. The spray on paving technique is also called spray crete is a unique way to make your house look beautiful. To complete the process successfully, you need to seek professional help. But if you have a previous idea about the process then tracking the work can be easier for you.

How is spray on paving applied?

It is applied by simply by spraying a layer of concrete on new or existing concrete surfaces. The concrete mixture is a cement-based polymer consisting of various sized aggregates. For applying on existing surfaces, the surface is needed to be thoroughly washed so as to remove any loose particles and then spray on paving is applied.

It can also be used to fill up cracks. For this-

  • The crack is repaired first with this cement polymer aggregate and then a base coat is applied over the entire surface.
  • Then the spray crete is applied along the borders.
  • After then to apply design over the concrete surface the stencil is laid down along the entire surface.
  • Spray crete is then applied over the entire surface.
  • After removing the stencil two coats of sealer are applied on the entire surface which binds the surface together.

Benefits of applying spray crete

  • Spray on paving improves the visual appearance of a floor with a new look. It can be applied anywhere ranging from driveways, pathways to patios, surrounding of the pool, etc.
  • It is a non-slippery type of floor. It adds more friction between the surfaces in contact.
  • There are a variety of colors that can be used with any types of custom made a design like the patterns of tiles, bricks, and cobblestones.
  • It is perfect for both domestic purposes like driveways and commercial purposes like a retail shop front.
  • Sprayed concrete is also durable. The spray crete surface could have a lifespan of over 20 years if properly maintained.

Points to remember before hiring a company for spray on paving

If you want your floors to be spray on paving, then you should definitely go hire a company. But before doing that you should take look at the following points-

  • Consider your budget.
  • Consider which floor you want to spray paved.
  • Choose your own design and color.

This process is a highly innovative solution to keep the floors anti-slippery, crack-free and gives durability as well. Hence it is time to go for the new solution for your home and for your house look gorgeous. When you go for something that will look gorgeous, you do not follow the utility of the same. However, this is one of the most popular techniques that is going to make the look of your house gorgeous and at the same time is going to keep it beautiful in appearance and utility too. So, apply it and find the difference.

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