5 Most Popular PR Courses in Australia

International students aiming for permanent residency in Australia should select a prospective course. See here, the most popular courses to Get PR in Australia!

The most convenient and common way of getting PR is skill immigration. With more than 200 occupations of skilled work on the Skilled Occupation List (given by Department of Home Affairs, Australian Government), there are different courses that you can choose. Here I listed 5 most popular PR courses in Australia, hoping to give you some guidance for your future career plan.

Nursing Courses

Australia’s ever-growing population means that there is also an increasing need for highly skilled nurses in fields of Aged Care, Child and Family Health, Community Health, Disability and Rehabilitation, Medical Practice, Mental Health, Surgical, etc. The increasing demands for nurses is the main reason why putting nursing courses under pr list in Australia.

To get skill immigration, the candidates from nursing courses are required to have a level of skill commensurate with a bachelor degree or higher qualification. In some instances, relevant experience and/or on-the-job training may be required in addition to the formal qualification. 

Computer Science Courses

The rapid changing pace of computer technology industry has greatly driven Australia to adopt IT talents from all over the world. To satisfy Australian needs of high-tech development, computer science courses become the most popular PR listed courses in Australia.

Graduates from computer science courses can choose to be an Analyst Programmer, a Developer Programmer, a Software Engineer, a Software Tester, or Applications Programmers. Those highly sought-after occupations have greater possibilities to get PR visa.

To be eligible for a skilled PR visa, the computer information and science graduates are required to have a bachelor degree or higher qualification. And, they should either have one year of work experience in Australia or to apply for a professional year program. 

Engineering Courses

Engineering courses are also pr listed courses in Australia. Australian universities attract students from all over the world to learn engineering courses in various specialisations.

Engineering occupations listed in Australian immigration SOL are Chemical Engineer, Materials Engineer, Civil Engineer, Geotechnical Engineer, Electrical Engineer, Electronics Engineer, Mechanical Engineer, Aeronautical Engineer, Agricultural Engineer, Environmental Engineer, etc.

Accounting Courses

For business courses under pr list in Australia, accounting is a must. In the SOL, eligible occupations include Accountant (General), Management Accountant, and Taxation Accountant. Apart from academic degree and relevant experience, registration or licensing certificates would bring candidates more advantages for getting permanent residency.

Education and Teaching Courses

Education and teaching courses are also listed as PR courses in Australia. Australia is a country that pays much attention to education, especially in primary and middle schools and pre-school institutions. As quality teachers are highly demanded to inspire and educate young people and the next generation, many Australian universities set up courses specializing in teaching primary and secondary students, in special education or in early childhood education. 

On the Skilled Occupation List of Australian government, education and teaching occupations include Early Childhood (Pre-primary School) Teacher, Middle School Teacher, Primary School Teacher, Secondary School Teacher, and Special Education Teachers. You are reminded to choosing a course that is most suitable for your future career plan.

Final Words

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