Solar Panel Maintenance is Important

Regular solar panel maintenance is critical in ensuring that your solar panel system is operating efficiently and safely. Solar panels need maintenance to ensure that they continue to work accurately. Regularly maintaining your solar panels helps you make the most of your investment, by allowing your solar panel system to operate efficiently at all times.
Additionally, proper maintenance will save you money. You can avoid expensive repairs and ensure that your solar panels are operating at their maximum level.
Choosing to have your solar panels professionally maintained is wise and recommended. Twin Electrics & Plumbing can maintain your solar panel system for you, so you can have peace of mind when it comes to your energy needs.

Spring Cleaning Solar Panels

Although it doesn’t often occur to people, solar panels can get quite dirty. Dust and grime, salt spray, animal droppings, spider webs, and other debris are all external factors that lead to a dirty solar system.

Spring Cleaning Solar Panels

Any debris that blocks light, such as animal droppings, can significantly impact the operation of your solar system. The good news is that many solar systems are installed on sloping roofs, which means that when the rains come, it washes your solar system for you! If your solar system does need a light wash, give the panels a light spray of water with a hose. Never use a pressure hose as it could damage your solar panels.

Professional Cleaning

If your solar panels are particularly dirty, experts recommend you have them professionally cleaned.
Installers may offer a cleaning service, alongside other checks on the system. Getting your solar panels professionally cleaned is an excellent chance to get a visual inspection for defects including cracks, chips, and discoloration.

Professional Cleaning

If your installer does not offer a cleaning service, ask if they recommend someone just for the cleaning aspect instead. There are plenty of specialist solar panel maintenance companies in the market. Cleaners should avoid using harsh soap or chemicals; usually, water is enough, and anyone cleaning the system should use full safety gear. They should not stand on or place anything on top of the panels during cleaning and maintenance.

Anti-Islanding Check

This test checks that the inverter connects and disconnects to the broader electricity grid safely. Electricity distributors need to ensure that your system will not feed electricity into the electricity network in the event of a blackout. Feeding electricity into a blacked-out grid puts at risk those who may be working on the grid nearby. Some distributors request that you carry out an anti-islanding test once a year, so check the timing with your distributor. Additionally, some locations in Australia require mandatory anti-islanding testing periodically.

Anti-Islanding Check

A ‘Clean Energy Council’ accredited solar installer can perform the anti-islanding test. While you can perform this test yourself unless shown by professional many people complete this test incorrectly or incompletely. Not only that, but poorly performing the test can put your electrical devices and solar system at risk of damage. Inaccurate testing can be dangerous for those working on the local electricity grid. Hence, if you are unsure about the testing contact a qualified professional.

Professional System Checks

A system check should be done as part of regular solar panel maintenance. An experienced and qualified professional can undertake a system check for you. These checks include confirming that no parts have corroded, that switches are free of defects, that wiring hasn’t been damaged, and that the inverter hasn’t recorded any faults, amongst other examinations. Some installers might recommend this type of check be completed annually, and combine it with a detailed clean of the system.

Regular Inverter Checks

You should regularly inspect the inverter for anything that blocks airflow and prevents regular operation. Anything that impedes normal airflow through the unit might cause it to overheat in hot weather, subsequently reducing the life of the inverter.
You can also do some of this maintenance yourself, by making sure the inverter is free of dirt, dust, spider webs, vermin, and other debris. You should enquire to your trusted professional about any error lights or warning codes to look out for when undertaking the maintenance.

Regular Inverters Check

Regular professional servicing maintains a high level of safety for your property. Professionals will check all-electric components while searching for signs of damage from water, corrosion and other impacts. All of these factors can increase the safety risk to your property, which is why solar panel maintenance is so essential.

Twin Electrics & Plumbing can assist with all solar system service, repair and installation requirements. All solar panel services are carried out by our fully licensed, Melbourne based electricians.

With many decades of experience in the Melbourne area, you can be sure Twin Electrics & Plumbing will provide you with expertise and reliability every time. You can rest easy, leaving all the hard work in our tradespeople’s trusty and skillful hands. Reach us via our online form or call us on (03) 9068 6429 for all your solar panel maintenance needs!

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