Guide To Corporate Events And Tailored Suits

Companies sponsor corporate events for their clients, employees, or potential clients. Regardless of the audience who has been invited to a corporate event, the event planner should make elaborate arrangements before the actual day arrives.

The planners are an asset to the company. Not only do they choose the perfect lighting for the event, but they also select the decorations and create an ambience corresponding to the setting. Entertainment at such events can range from standup comedians to music bands.

Below are some of the tips that can guide you on planning corporate events you’ve been longing to hold:

1. Align your Plans with the Venue

Make sure the location of the event is capable of supporting the envisioned event.  Subsequently, you can then decide whether there are enough electrical sockets for plugging entertainment devices. Most importantly, you will have to take the seating capacity to mind to avoid your esteemed guests lacking seats.

Before the actual event takes place, ensure that you survey the venue. Consequently, you will then decide whether to adjust the venue or edit your plans. You can also take help from a corporate event manager such as AQWA.

2. Keep the Purpose of the Event in Mind

Your planning choices should be in line with the main agenda of the event. For instance, networking events are likely to be business-casual style or semi-formal affairs. Therefore, you should create a setting whereby the attendees will get to interact seamlessly and acquaint themselves with one another.

On the other hand, a product launch is likely to be filled with pomp and colour. Moreover, the employees will need to be in their best elements since they will be acting as the face of the company.

3. Consider the Date and Time

Although the time and date of the event would have been scheduled already, factors such as the presence of alcohol and the type of food to be served will have to be corresponding to the time of day. For instance, lighter meals like snacks will be appropriate earlier in the day. Similarly, lighter entertainment and performances will have more effect before the main agenda is discussed. At corporate events, keeping things shorter is the key.

Tips on Tailored Suits

Tailored suits are transformative. They broaden your shoulders, lengthen your lines and trim your waist. Not only do you feel great in such a suit, but you also feel confident since your self-esteem is boosted. Tailored suits are ideal for dinners at luxury hotels and important meetings. Most importantly, they go a long way in making a fashion statement. Here are four tips on selecting and purchasing a tailored suit:

1. Set a Budget

Understanding your budget is vital in getting the right bespoke suit. Your price range will be essential in deciding the kind of material and design to go for. Firstly, decide on the amount you’re willing to spend then begin a search for brands that lie within your price point.

2. Choose the Fabric Wisely

A wide array of fabrics are available for custom suits. When you’re yearning for versatility, go for light worsted wool. However, if you’re selecting tailored suits for colder months, flannels, tweed or thicker wool is best. On the other hand, breathable fabrics such as linen, silk, or cotton are ideal for summer.

3. Keep your Shoulders in Mind

Padded, thick shoulders work perfectly for meetings and boardrooms. You stand to benefit from the ease of movement and comfort by choosing shoulders with little or no padding. They are also suitable for warmer months of the year.

4. Simplicity is Key

Buying tailored suits for the first time can be quite overwhelming. If you are not sure which shades to go for, opt for basics such as navy blue or black. Such colours can be matched with other outfits and are perfect for virtually all occasions.

The Bottom Line

Corporate events, unsurprisingly, turn out successful if factors such as timing, type of occasion, and suitability of the event location are taken into consideration.

On the other hand, while purchasing an off rack suits may be cheaper, tailored suits allow you to be part of the whole outfit-making-process, making you appreciate the journey. Taking the above factors in mind will help you make an informed decision while making your purchase.

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