7 Questions To Ask Before Hiring a Content Marketing Service

Many businesses reach a point where they realise they need to hire content marketing services, whether it’s to strengthen existing content marketing initiatives or to start from scratch. However, if you don’t do your homework and learn more about an agency before hiring, it could backfire. Before you sign any paperwork, here are some questions to ask potential hires:

1. How Will They Work With Your Existing Marketing Strategy?

It is important to make certain that the service you hire is a good fit for you in every way. The staff should be able to describe how their plan will consider your brand, industry, and customers, as well as explain why their strategy is better than what you’re currently doing. The agency you select should also be able to seamlessly integrate into your wider marketing strategy.

2. Do They Have Experience in Your Industry?

Your content agency should have some experience with your industry so it can speak to your customers authentically. However, it doesn’t have to be a deal-breaker if the company is new to the industry. Sometimes a fresh perspective can be helpful and lead to new ideas. In this scenario, comparing what the agency has done to what you’re aiming to achieve may be the best way to discover if it is a good fit.

3. What Is Their Process for Developing New Ideas and Keeping the Content Fresh and Relevant?

Not all creative content marketing services operate in the same manner. Some companies like to keep as much brainstorming as possible in-house, while others will rely on the client to come up with new ideas. Sometimes they will employ a combination of the two to ensure everyone is on the same page. Regardless, a good content marketing agency should be able to produce compelling content consistently and always stay up to date with industry changes.

4. What Tools or Platforms Do They Use To Manage the Workflow?

Many businesses engage a content agency to assist them in setting up the organisational processes that keep deliverables on track. Therefore, you will want to ask what the content generation process is like, who is assigned to what tasks, how deadlines are fulfilled, and how much collaboration is required. Some agencies use software from a third-party vendor, while others may have their own software that they license to you. Others may design tools that are unique to each client. Think about each choice carefully and choose the one that you believe will work best for you.

5. How Do They Collect and Store Customer Data, and Who Then Owns It?

When it comes to data management, agencies have a number of methods and tools at their disposal. Ask questions and learn everything you can about the platforms they’re utilising to collect data, how they’ll use that data to improve your company’s marketing efforts, and how they’ll keep it safe. Don’t forget to verify ownership of the data. When a client and a content marketing agency partner part ways, it’s critical to understand who “owns” the data going forward. Most of the time, the client should keep that information, but it doesn’t hurt to double-check.

6. Do They Collaborate With Other Agencies or Require Any Third-Party Products?

Each content marketing project is unique. Whether you already have other agencies in place or plan to hire more in the future, it’s critical to understand how your potential agency works with others. Some projects may also necessitate more technology than others, so plan accordingly if the firm recommends additional products.

7. Do They Have Samples of Their Previous Work and Evidence of the Results of the Work?

Client testimonials and examples of previous work should weigh significantly towards whether you hire an agency. These items can reveal details about the types of work the companies have completed, the clients with whom they’ve collaborated, and how they’ve organised their team to take on specific tasks. Case studies of successful projects that agencies have worked on in the past can also give you a good idea of how your project will come out if you choose to work with a particular company. You’ll also want to check that the material has gotten clients’ desired results, such as traffic or leads.

You should feel confident in what your content marketing agency says and does, regardless of the responses to these questions. Whether it is supplementing your existing in-house team or helping you establish a content marketing plan from the bottom up, you want an agency that will be a good fit for your organisation.

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