Rules and Facts of a Mixed Netball Competition

Netball is played by two teams with seven players each. This game has been derived from the concept of basketball. Though this game started in 1890, the standardisation of the international rules came about in 1960. These games are played in courts which are rectangular with each goal end having raised rings. The teams need to score a goal bypassing of the ball down the court and shooting the same through the ring. The roles of the players are defined according to the positions assigned to them. During the course of play, a player can hold on to the ball only for a period of three seconds. After which the ball either needs to be passed to another player or through the ring.

General Rules for Mixed Netball Competition:


Game Start:

When the umpire whistles, the game starts. The first pass is taken at this moment, making sure that the ball is not held by an individual for more than three seconds. All the team members need to be positioned in the right manner. After each goal scored, the two center players take the new center pass. Each quarter beginning, and the end is indicated by the whistle of the umpire.


There is no way one player can come in contact with another, so as to impede the play. In other words, you cannot push, trip, charge or contact another player. You cannot hold elbows to hold down the other player.

Besides this, the players need to stay within the areas designated to them. You cannot get closer than 3 feet of your opponent to stop them from passing the ball. You cannot get possession of the ball by bouncing it and holding this again.

Netball Court:

Netball can be played indoors as well as outdoors but on a firm surface. A typical netball court is 15.25m wide and 30.5m long. The shorter sides are the goal lines while the longer ones are the side lines. This court is divided into equal parts of three which consists of two goal thirds and one centre third. Each of these thirds measures almost 10.167, wide.

The semi circle which is 4.9m in radius is the goal circle with the center being the mid-point. The circle in the center is 0.9m in diameter and is right in the centre of the court.

The lines which are 50mm wide are a part of the court. These lines are acrylic water based, textured with clear crisp edges and are straight.

Basketball Versus Netball:


The only similarity between these two games is the court. Both these games can be played at the same court. A player in basketball can move along the said court but in netball, the player has to stay within an area he/she is assigned. Netball is a non-contact sport whereas basketball is a contact sport.

Code of Conduct:

Spectators, as well as players, need to follow the code of conduct for netball. Written or verbal warnings are initial penalties for breach of this code. This can also lead to expulsion or suspension from the game. Verbal and physical abuse is a big ‘NO’. You need to be respectful towards the opponents and the officials. Any indication of intoxication can lead to expulsion from the game. It is advisable to respect the decision of the referee or the official and not litter or mess up the place even if you are only watching the game.

Opting to enter a mixed netball competition is better if you are trained by experienced coaches attached to the game. This teaches you interaction and can boost your confidence to a high level.

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