Picking the Right Retreat When Traveling From Australia To Bali For Weight Loss Holiday


From having access to some of the best organic food in the world to endless luxury retreat and weight loss centres, Bali is a wellness destination that is increasingly becoming popular by the day. Bali, in particular, is a favourite spot for many Aussie tourists that are looking for a relaxing break with a bit of sunshine. Although a large number of Australian tourists travel to Bali to vacation, a larger number still is choosing to immerse themselves in more holistic and healthy vacations.

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Bali is a haven for any health-conscious individual because you are only a few steps away from wellness spots that are located all over the city that can provide a number of ways for one to restore their mind, spirit, and body. Weight loss holidays are the antithesis of a regular vacation because they serve as an investment in your personal well-being, longevity, as well as vitality. If you are planning on travelling from Australia to Bali for a weight loss holiday, here are tips to help you select the right weight loss retreat:

Think about the setting

It is important to think about the setting that you want because it will ultimately affect your weight loss. If you love the beach, you can sign up for surf camp. Alternatively, a wilderness camping retreat would be perfect for anyone that loves the outdoors. The destination is a huge part of your experience so it is essential that you choose wisely.

Evaluate the program

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Bali has a countless array of programs that can suit every budget and preference. Make sure that you evaluate the program well and reflect on what you want to learn the most. If your mission is to take up a healthier eating plan, then consider investing in a retreat that offers nutrition and cooking classes. If fitness is your goal, select a retreat that offers a wide range of physical activities.

Check the reviews

Sites such as TripAdvisor offer travellers unbiased reviews of hotels, restaurants and in this case, weight loss retreats. Yet take your time going through the reviews to learn about the facilities, services and the add-on services such as spa treatments before you settle for anything. A quick internet search will not cost you anything, but it will reveal a lot about the retreat that you want to pay for.

Watch out for red flags

Before booking, ensure that you read the website and look for any red flags. The nutritionists and trainers should be certified and the retreat should have approaches that are backed by science to maintain your safety throughout.

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