How to Use a Spinning Reel for Fishing Safely


Many of us will agree that fishing is a fun activity, perhaps the only remaining ancient activity that is both pursued as a pastime and for economic purposes. However, it is very important to understand the fishing equipment prior to your fishing expedition. Even better, understanding how they are used is of paramount importance.

Improper use of the spinning reel, for example, can result in various injuries. Although it may seem a little difficult to set up the fishing rod for the first time, once it is set to perfection, it will enhance your fishing experience in a great way.

Here are some simple steps on how to use a spinning reel for fishing safely:

Step 1: Gather the Equipment

Buy a spinning reel that is best suited for your fishing skills. The spinning rod is normally used with specific spinning reels. Therefore, make sure of this prior to buying the rod. Consider the kind of fish you are going to catch and buy a fishing line and bait/hook based on that only.

Step 2: Connect Reel and the Rod

Firstly, loosen the reel seat on the rod. The reel seat should be made relatively big. Slightly place the reel foot into reel seat and tighten the reel seat with full force.

Step 3: Reel spooling

Spooling involves opening the bail and placing a line around the reel and then tying each other with a knot. Once it is tied, close the bail. While putting the line on the reel, ensure the line is pulled tightly in order to avoid it getting tangled.

Step 4: String the Rod

fishing Cairns, Queensland

In order to string the rod, grab the line tip and open the bail arm. Carefully place the line through the rod guides. More caution should be applied in moving the line through the guide, to avoid it from falling back from the guide.

Step 5: Tie the Fishing Knot

A strong and tight knot has to be made for the fish to pull out the knot. If the goal is to catch big and heavy fishes, then a more durable knot has to be made. The knot is made by placing the line through the hook on each side of the hook. Cross one piece of the line over another and pull tightly.

Step 6: Setting up the Drag Knob

The drag knob can be turned around to be tightened or loosened. Pull the line gently from the reel, in order to determine how much it affects the drag. Repeat these steps several times until the drag appears to be set at a desired position.

Step 7: Casting the Bail

Measure one and a half feet of line starting from tip of the rod down to the end. The rod should be held no more than a few inches from the reel base. It is important to keep the reel parallel to the rod. Once the reel is in place, start opening the bait. Aim at the target and lean backward gradually. Swiftly swipe the rod in direction of the target and release your hand from the cast. Close the bail now.

fishing Barra Country, Northern Territory

By following these simple steps, the fishing spinning reel can be set up for safe fishing. However, the most important thing to keep in mind before buying fishing equipment is one’s targeted fish size as the spinning reel and rod depend upon the size and the weight of the fish to be caught. Safety is of paramount importance, especially before venturing into the high seas so to ensure it is maintained all the time, the knots in your spinning reel should be kept tight throughout the fishing process.

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