How Car Workshop Manuals Can Help You to Solve Car Problems?

Are you comfortable fixing own car? Then you must have wondered occasionally why people take their cars to repair shops to get these fixed! Many people with similar mentality really don’t like the idea of hiring a mechanic to take care of their precious cars. Rather they would prefer to devote time to read car workshop manuals in their leisure time to learn how to solve minor and major problems of their favorite vehicles.

While it may sound all too easy to car lovers who have mastered the skill to detect and repair automobile problems on their own, there are many who tend to get nervous with the slightest indication of battery or tire problem. Those belonging to the second category will be amazed to note that they can easily bring down their car repair expenses by subscribing to the best car magazines for sale. Here we take a look at five types of car problems which anyone one solve from the comfort of own garage or driveway by reading manuals or magazines on a regular basis.

Defective Spark Plugs

If your car’s spark plugs are misfiring, then the engine may not be starting properly or running smoothly. Sometimes the problem can be due to spark leakage from terminal to metal shell, breakage at the corrugation point, rusted metal shell, fissure at the thread neck, crack at the ceramics, loose gasket, or other such issues. Check out the spark plug diagram from the repair manual of your particular vehicle to get a clear idea of the problem and act accordingly.

Noisy Engine Belts

Problematic engine belts can be detected easily from the constant annoying squeak which can be heard every two seconds. Before you think of replacing the current belt, do follow the diagram from your car workshop manuals to know the path of the belt. The diagram would help in freeing the current belt smoothly and rerouting the new belt properly, while locking up the tension arm securely.

Faulty Alternator

If your car is not turning over and inside gadgets are not even lighting up then that might be due to a faulty alternator. Generally people tend to believe that anything related to electrical is automatically complicated. Not really so, if you can check the facts from your automobile repair manual. From the manual you will get detailed instruction about how to replace the faulty device with a new one. You can learn how to deactivate the electrical connections, unlock the brackets to loosen the twisting belt and substitute it with a new one and finally reconnect the wires.

A Leaking Radiator

If you have a leaky radiator, don’t try welding or sealing as the solution may not be permanent. Do replace the leaking radiator with a new one, but not before you check out the instruction booklet. You need to follow a detailed procedure which should be carried out carefully as the coolant fluid can be having a number of adverse health effects. By reading the car workshop repair manual you learn to detach the overflow tanks, unplug the cooling fans, to remove the top radiator hose and top brackets that hold the radiator in place. And of course the instruction booklet guides you about how to place the new radiator and fill it with fresh coolant.

Faulty Brake Pads

The prime symptoms are irritating squeaking and screeching of the car. Before you replace the worn pads, it is important to check the rotor also to assess the gravity of the situation. And yes, don’t forget to check the brake liquid as well. Sounds a lot of work? Just follow the service manual instructions and everything will be fine.

Repairing own car always gives a kind of pleasure and a feel of accomplishing something great! Don’t deprive yourself of that pleasure. Visit a technical bookshop online to find technical car magazines for sale that focus on your preferred niche categories. Read these and follow the instructions and soon you will be able to resolve the most complicated car issues confidently!

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