How to create and document nautical map charts in excel?

Excel has built-in aid for adding map and chart mixtures — also called map graphs — because Excel 2016. A map graph is an easy-to-use Document management tool that’s good for if you would like to visualize geographical data on a map. 

In this guide, we’re going to demonstrate to you how you can add an Excel map graph.

To start with, you want an active online connection to connect with this Bing Map service. It is possible to make a new map append information to a current one only in case you’ve got an internet connection. I have seen many kids checking for 4G GPS tracking Watch and accessing maps in them. It is easy these days to access maps

Second, you want structured information to utilize from the map graph. An Excel C map graph can take geographical areas, such as countries/regions, counties, states, or postal codes.

Notice: Latitude/longitude, and street address mapping is not supported. Prefer either Bing Maps add-in or 3D Map attribute options.

To be absolutely blunt, Excel map graphs aren’t ideal, and you may have problems for Excel to comprehend geographical area names. Additionally, a frequent problem here is that a few place names are used for numerous locations around the workld. This is named Disambiguation. By way of instance, you will find 31 counties called Washington County in the US.

To prevent these kinds of problems, include higher degree info in your data collection, such as country or state titles.

Map types

You can exhibit two Kinds of info on Excel map graphs:

  1. Worth
  2. Category

The deciding factor to this is the kind of the information . When you have numbers (values) as dimensions, Excel displays values using a gradient range of a couple of colors.

As an alternative, you may use tags (classes ) as dimensions. This sort of information will be represented with various sorts of colours, rather than in slow colours.

Inserting a map graph

Once your information is prepared, you can go right ahead and add an Excel map graph.

Begin by picking your own data. Selecting one mobile also functions if your information is structured properly in a table format.

Click Maps beneath Insert > Graphs

Click Filled Maps

Excel will produce either a value or class map according to your dataset.


The same as in graphs, you may use the exact same approach to get customisation choices.

Right-click any place on the plot area of the map

Click on the Format Data Series alternative from the context menu

This action will open the options pane on the right side.
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