Commercial Painting: Current Colour Trends

Deciding on the right exterior colour scheme for a commercial building is very different from choosing a colour palette for a home. Whereas an unusual and bold colour choice might work for your house and blend in well with the landscaping and your neighbourhood, it doesn’t have to be the case with a larger building in a city centre or a business district.

There are a few important factors to take into consideration when painting a commercial property, so here are several useful tips and suggestions.

The size and status of the building

When dealing with a large commercial property, a neutral colour palette might be the best option. Neutral colours can easily blend in with the surroundings and match almost any business logo or signage on the exterior. These elements will easily stand out if the background is neutral and bold colour is used only for accents, such as doors and trims.

There’s only one limiting circumstance you might face, and that’s the case if your building holds a historical status. In that case, your options will depend on the approval of the governing body. Some historic districts may require a specific paint preservation colour palette and project plans to be submitted for approval in advance. So make sure you know all the details before you start your work.

The architecture and exterior material

Besides a specific colour choice, take into consideration the architectural style of the building and its exterior material. Different building styles and materials will demand different shades of colour in order to make them stand out.

Moreover, some exterior materials influence the appearance and durability of the paint, so they may dictate your choice. For instance, you can’t paint wood, stucco and concrete using the same product and expect a full coverage and equal durability.

Expert advice

Your most important decision in the whole project is getting expert advice and hiring a reliable commercial painting business. Look for companies that are licensed and insured, and request for references from their previous clients. This will show their credibility and level of professionalism, and help you make your final decision as this will be a substantial investment on your part.

You need to protect your investment and ensure the work will be done in the given timeframe and at the highest standard, from the initial quote to the final clean-up. For instance, these Sydney-based commercial painting contractors will lead you through the whole process, from estimation and colour consultation to supervising the painting with minimum disruption while you still keep your business running. You’re guaranteed to receive a professional service and a spotless clean-up in the end.

Current colour trends

Everyone understands the universal language of colour and one trend that has been gaining in popularity is the old-world colour palette, especially the one dating back to the period between the 16th and 17th century in Europe. Deep reds, bright golds, rich greens and blues, and subtle cremes are currently top colour choices with a modern twist, of course.

Copper and silver tones are blended in and charred colours are put in the forefront, which actually recycles existing architecture and gives it a modern application. On the other hand, aquatic colours are also emerging in hues of deep sea blue and turquoise, mixed with earth tones and natural materials, such as brick and stone.

The surroundings

When choosing your colour palette, consider your building’s surroundings. If it’s sitting on a smaller lot, choosing a darker colour will let it blend in and not look oversized. Also consider the landscaping, driveways and walkways in order to tie it all in one unified space without odd bits and ends. Check out the colour of neighbouring buildings and consider the type of service you offer – a law firm will surely be painted differently than an ice-cream parlour.

Relying on tips listed here and a clever choice of professional painting service, you’ll have the exterior paint job done with exquisite craftsmanship and a colour choice that will successfully unite the flair of the past with a trendy contemporary touch.

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