5 Tips for Creating High-Performing Lead Generation Landing Pages

Lead Generation Landing Pages

You have an intriguing offer and a stellar message to accompany it. Even your Call-To-Action is outstanding. Your ad campaigns are doing well, optimised to attract potential customers to click on them. However, the rate of your lead generation landing pages is at an all-time low and requires serious revival. 

Why aren’t the page visitors tempted enough to subscribe to your newsletter or become potential leads for your business? The greatest weapon for any lead generation marketer is high-conversion landing pages, especially if they are trying to sell expensive or premium services and products.

So, how do you create these high-performing lead generation landing pages? Well, no magic formula guarantees a 100% increase in lead conversion rates through landing pages. However, you can use certain tips and strategies to attract as many patrons as possible.

How To Generate Leads From Your Website Landing Pages?

  1. Focus On the Page Design

The answers to the most complex questions are often simple. For well-performing lead generation landing pages, you must first focus on the design and ensure that it is simple and understandable to your target audience.

Here are some tips using to help you create a straightforward but effective lead generation landing page:

  • Match the page colour to your brand colour or theme
  • Work with symmetry and shapes.
  • Balance text with white space. Too much textual information can make the page look cramped and confuse the customer.
  • Allow the title of the paragraph to pop out.
  • Have good CTAs.

If you present more than one deal or offer to your customer, ensure that you highlight them properly. Concentrating on a single offer would bring much better leads from the landing page rather than dividing up the efforts.

  1. Thorough Explanation of The Products and Services

People visiting your website are curious to know more about the business, brand, and what it offers. And they want this information quickly without searching too much for it. So, creating separate landing pages for particular services and products is important to deliver in-depth knowledge to the customer.

This landing page should be dedicated to that specific product or service, where you should explain in detail what your company does, how it does it, and how this service or product will help the customer. You can also create a separate section regarding the company history. Regardless, these specific landing pages are necessary to provide detailed information to the customer.

  1. Write a Proper Call-To-Action

The Call-To-Action (CTA) might look like a minor thing in these lead generation pages, but it plays an important role in increasing the conversion rate. So, when you are working on the content on the landing page, ensure to include a proper CTA that will invoke an action on the customer’s part.

A CTA can result in several potential actions:

  • Filling up the registration form with personal details,
  • Subscribing to the newsletter with email,
  • Subscribing for free trials and providing you with their bank details and personal information,
  • Reserving a service or facility,
  • Buying your product or service, or
  • Asking for quotations, contact details of the business, or a callback.

The customer data gathered from all these actions are considered leads and will help convert these people into potential buyers.

  1. Out-Of-The-Box Headlines

Effective SEO content writing starts with a great headline that captures the reader’s attention and evokes their curiosity to visit your website. The headline will also briefly convey the landing page’s message in the Search Engine Results Page. 

Here are some strategies you can employ for writing a powerful yet creative headline:

  • Detect the problem the audience struggles with most, a success story they can enjoy or a question that will make them curious. Use that and create the perfect headline.
  • Ensure that the headline properly addresses the overall purpose of the page. Keep refining it until it is intriguing and compels the reader to click the link and visit the page.
  • Once the page’s entire content is created, revisit the original headline and consider if it still fits with the overall message and information written on the page.
  1. Take Proper Care Of The Forms

The form is the final and crucial step in generating leads from these landing pages. The quality of the form and its aspect of it will decide what kind of customer data you will get from the landing page. 

A successful call to action and a proper form on your lead generation landing page are almost equivalent in importance. Here are some tips for creating an outstanding form for your landing page:

  • Use appealing colours to highlight the form,
  • Forms should stand out from the rest of the landing page design and copy,
  • Offer an interesting but simple deal to the customers.

These are just some of the strategies you can employ to increase the conversion rate from a lead generating landing page. Apart from this, ensure that the page opens quickly on smartphones and tablets, as most customers use these devices to surf the Internet most of the time. You can contact your local digital marketing expert to create a high-performing landing page if you need help.

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