10 Fabulous Biker Trails in India For You to Explore

India is one of the most populated countries with so many beautiful scenic locations and a pleasant climatic condition. Here we can explore all these wonders while going for an amazing bike ride.

In this present generation who don’t like to go for long bike rides. In these bike trails, we can know so many things which are we not aware of them.

Here we have some most popular bike trails in India which are really so crazy.

1. Manali To Rohtang Pass

Witness India’s most popular and most liked biker trails are Manali to Rohtang Pass. This place is almost covered with so many beautiful scenic locations and thrilling road which is the bikers favorite trip. Bikers must be so careful while going through the ghat roads which are so slippery and dangerous. The bike ride to Manali to Rohtang pass is must experience once in a life.

2. Zanskar Trail, Leh

Zanskar trail is one of the best group bike trails to do in India. While you are having bike trip, you will experience the beauty of nature, glorious hills, and pleasant weather conditions. This trail is lead you to improve your riding skills while you are crossing rocky roads. Never miss a trail to the Zanskar trail.

3. Valparai Forest Trail

Biker trails are the most memorable and always so great to do. Among all trails, a trail through the forest is so awesome and pleasant trail. Valparai forest trail is one of the best trails to go with friends. The forest route is connecting both Chalakudy in Kerala to Pollachi in Tamil Nadu. Do make a trail when you are in Valparai forest region.

Valparai Forest Trail
Valparai Forest Trail

4. Pamban Bridge Trail

Never miss the chance to go for a biker trail to the Pamban bridge which is popularly known as biker’s paradise. The Pamban bridge is located in the states of Tamil Nadu with so many beautiful natural sights and awesome scenery of the mighty sea. The road is perfect for biker trails which are connected to Pamban Island to Rameswaram.

Pamban Bridge Trail

5. Rann Of Kutch

Rann of Kutch is so popular for biker trails is because of its unique white desert. Most of the bikers like to go for trail to the Kutch due to the everyone like to do something special from others. In searching for a unique place to explore your biker’s skills in India then Rann of Kutch is home for it. In this place,the night will be the most exciting where you will see the land is shinning to the light of the moon.

Rann of Kutch

6. East Coast Trail

If you are planning for a biker’s trail in southern India then take look at Chennai to Pondicherry trail. The bikers will definitely be felt in love with this trail. Most of the trails are some more boring at some time. But this east coast trail sea and the native green fields are the best company while your trail.

East Coast Trail

7. Rajasthan Desert Trail

Most of the people afraid to go for a biker trail in between deserts due to the high temperatures and humidity. Apart from all these once you go for a biker trail to the roads of Jaipur, and Udaipur in Rajasthan you will never regret to go for a trial here. Here you will see how sand looks like in golden colour and the nativity of Rajasthan city.

8. Tawang Trail

Tawang trail will fulfil all your needs if you are scared and looking for thrilling trails in India. The trail is one of the most dangerous trails in Arunachal Pradesh. The roads are so slippery and so risky. Be careful while you are a freaky biker. Apart from the risk factors, you will thoroughly enjoy the unique locations and weather conditions.  

Tawang Trail

9. Visakhapatnam to Araku Valley

Biker’s always looking forward to a better place with great scenic locations and good climatic conditions. Then get ready for an exhausting trail to Visakhapatnam to Araku valley which will make you freak out your trail with its terrestrial region. In this trial, you can explore some famous points like Galikonda viewpoint and Borra Caves. 

Visakhapatnam to Araku Valley

10. Shimla to Spiti Valley

In India there are so many unique places are there to go for a biker trail. Apart from them going for the Hindustan-Tibet highway trail is something special. In this trial, you can spend some more time in apple and apricot orchards of Kinnaur valley. Biker’s can fresh up at Sutlej River. And the ride to the Spiti valley is always memorable.

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