An Ultimate Guide to A3 Printer Rental Service

An A3 printer is the one which has the capacity of handling paper up to A3 size. The popular size of the large format A3 printer is 16.5 inches by 11.7 inches that is 420 cm by 290 cm. These printers are stocked by many stores and can also be ordered directly from the manufacturers through catalogues stocking printing equipment. However, at times you can also go for an A3 printer rental service for office use or to be used at schools and other institutions.

Purchasing a brand new A3 printer is a costly affair and not everyone can afford. That is why some people opt for different options like renting or leasing. A3 printer rental service is a more cost-effective solution. You do not have to pay the entire amount at a go. Instead, the cost is spread over a certain period of time, and in this way, a lot of money can be saved as maintenance services and supplies is also offered by the contractors.

Most of the A3 printer rental serviceagreements run from one month to the other without any long term agreements. The agreement or terms of the rental services can be changed by both the parties at the end of the monthly period according to their needs and requirements. A3 printer rental services have a lot of advantages, but they are not devoid of certain disadvantages as well.

Some of the advantages of an A3 printer rental service are discussed below:

  • Upgraded Equipment at a Reasonable Price – Since you need to pay only a small monthly fee to the rental service providers you have the option of going for a higher end printer, which otherwise would be quite expensive. You need not to worry about any maintenance or resource costs too because everything will be taken care of by the contractors. You can avoid any additional costs and at the same time get assistance from professionals as and when you need.  
  • Flexible – One of the key benefits of A3 printer rental service is that you get flexible hire contracts. You may rent it for as long as you want. You can also get them cancelled if you wish. Also, you will be permitted to change your printer according to your needs.
  • Easy Upgrade – While using a rental A3 printer if an updated model is introduced in the market and your seller has that in stock, you can get the upgraded one easily. In this way, you can stay updated with the latest technology of printers.  

Listed below are some disadvantages of A3 printer rental service:

  • Be careful of low-quality contracts – Do get yourself well acquainted with the type of printed provided to you by the rental services. For this have a close look of the small print as it will reveal a large deposit requirement. You might also be asked to pay an additional amount for ensuring that your low rental cost is the same. Beware of such contracts.
  • Maintenance charges – Rental agreements are mostly paid on the basis of ‘cost per copy’. Additional maintenance charges, however, will come separately from the rental agreement.
  • Minimum billing amount – Do check if your agreement has a minimum billing amount or not. Otherwise, you have to pay regardless of the fact that you make copies a month or not. 

Hence, opting for an A3 printer rental service has both its own share of advantages and disadvantages. So, before going for such services it is advisable to inquire properly on aspects starting from the quality of the printer to the trustworthiness of the contractor. Make sure the deal is not flawed one or else you fall in trap of con service. 

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