Where to Make Your Commercial Property Investment?

Commercial Property Investment

The purchase of commercial property in your local area is at an all-time high due to the increased population and the new needs of younger demographics. Find out why you should invest in commercial property and where the best place to invest is.

Commercial Property Investment

Investing in commercial property provides the opportunity of a new business venture with more financial reward. Commercial properties include office buildings, retail and industrial spaces, and more. Although there are many differences between each type of commercial property investment, they all have greater income potential when compared to residential properties. In fact, commercial properties are more likely to get you a higher annual return off of the purchase price compared to that of single-family residential properties.

Additionally, commercial property investments have more flexibility for lease terms and property expenses. Consider personalized, local services regarding commercial property investment with Denver commercial properties, a third-generation boutique property brokerage.

Commercial Property Investment 2020

Denver offers a diverse commercial investment market with an estimated 2.2 million square feet of commercial property available to buy and sell in. Additionally, Denver’s low commercial property rates provide the best environment to buy or sell your commercial space. Here are a few places to make a smart commercial property investment in Denver’s market for 2020.

Office Spaces

Located in the Denver metropolitan area, the Denver Technological Center is the premier location for businesses and corporations. Purchasing office space near this successful, business-oriented area offers a potentially large return on investment, especially if you plan on a long-term stay. This also opens the opportunity of leasing the space yourself, creating a higher percentage rate of return and a chance for passive income.

Multi-family and Apartment Properties

Due to Denver’s growing population, the influx of multi-family and apartment buildings have filled the commercial market. The best place to invest in one of these popular commercial properties is in Denver’s bustling downtown or surrounding areas. Because of the rise of younger generations flocking to the city, multi-family and apartment properties are a necessity for anyone looking to invest in a commercial opportunity. Upgrades to these properties also offer a better cash flow and provide more opportunities for long-term investment based on demographic information.

Retail Spaces

Finding a good retail space is all about location. However, you should consider a space that works with your business brand, markets to the right demographics, and fits your price point. As Denver’s population increases, the need for more retail property is apparent. Though this does create a competitive market, it also positively impacts the overall success of retail businesses in Denver. Just be sure to cater to the specific needs of customers, such as adequate parking, a visible storefront, basic facilities, and an elevator. Click here to know more.

Industrial and Warehouse

Purchasing or leasing a new industrial space is a huge project, but one that will provide new improvements for your business. Although Denver’s industrial and warehouse markets remain competitive, there are plenty of multi-use spaces available in Denver. Consider square footage, building height, and accessibility when making a decision. The year 2020 is the best time to negotiate industrial and warehouse leases because of low vacancy rates caused by an influx of these commercial property options in Denver.

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