A Comprehensive Guide To Effective Treatment To Heal The Symptoms Of Shoulder Tendon Pain

Shoulder tendon pain is also known as rotator cuff tendinitis. This is a disease that creates discomfort in moving the hands from the shoulder. In this disease, tendons are the main problems because they can give rise to acute irritation. The other name of this disease is impingement syndrome. There are many causes of this disease that makes it extremely painful to keep the shoulder in one position continuously. There are many activities in which people will have to take their hand over their head. Sleeping on the hand can also become the cause of the disease.

Symptoms of shoulder pain

Shoulder Tendon Pain
Shoulder Tendon Pain

There are many symptoms which can be found in the people suffering from shoulder tendon pain. If it is the initial stage of the symptoms, the pain can be relieved with the help of home care techniques. Constant symptoms need special care and people may also have to consult a doctor to get relieved. Some of the symptoms of the shoulder tendon pain include

  • Swelling in the shoulder
  • Occurring of pain when the arm is raised or lowered
  • Hearing sound when the hand is raised
  • Stiffness
  • Disturbance in sleep due to pain

Diagnosis of the disease

A doctor will start examining the shoulder if the patient has the symptoms of the disease. The doctor will check the areas where shoulder tendon pain has been felt. The doctor may also ask the patient to rotate hands in all the directions so that he can check where the pain erupts from. Additionally, the strength of the shoulder will also be checked by pressing on it. Doctors can suggest various tests like x-rays, ultrasound or MRI which will let him know about the tearing off the cuff or inflammation in the rotator cuff.

Treatment of rotator cuff

The pain has to be managed at the initial stages along with the the control over   swelling so that it does not occur in future. Here are the ways of managing the pain.

  • The activities that cause pain should be avoided.
  • Use a pack of ice on the shoulder for three to four times in a day.
  • Drugs like ibuprofen and naproxen can be used as a pain reliever.

Here are some more treatments that can be used to reduce the shoulder tendon pain.

Physical therapy

Physical therapy is usually being conducted by a physiotherapist. He will suggest the exercises related to stretching of the hands and shoulders. This may help in garnering relief from pain and make the movement of the shoulder easy and effortless. After gaining a control over the pain, the physiotherapist will let the patient know about other types of exercise, which he can be practiced  to eliminate the pain and its root causes.

Steroid injection

If exercises are not producing the desired results, doctor may suggest the patient to take steroid injections into the tendon. This injection will reduce inflammation in the tendon and the patient will be relieved from pain.


Till now all the treatment mentioned are non-surgical. If these treatments do not produce any results, then the next option is surgery. Many people have recovered after having surgical treatment of rotator cuff. Arthroscopy technique is used to perform the surgery. In this surgery, cuts that are made on the shoulders, can be two to three in number. Various instruments are put inside the shoulder through these cuts. There is an instrument which is connected to a camera to get the entire trail of surgery videographer. Doctors use it to check the damaged parts of the shoulder.

Home care

Shoulder Tendon Pain
Shoulder Tendon Pain

Here are some tips to manage shoulder tendon pain at home.

  • You should sit in a correct posture. Use ergonomically designed arm chair and work desk to keep the symptoms of shoulder tendon pain at bay.
  • Arm lifting above head should not be done unnecessarily.
  • Sleeping on different sides is a good option.

These are some of the ways mentioned above in which the disease can be diagnosed and cured. People must be aware of the symptoms to  let the doctors know what makes them suffer so much with an intimidating pain. .

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