Surviving the Australian Summer Heat without Sacrificing Your Style

Surviving Australian Summer

During the summer, scorching temperatures and rising humidity make it incredibly difficult to remain stylish. The Australian summer heat forces you to endure extreme sunlight and humidity, but with these tips you can find the right fabrics, the right types of items, and the right accessories to protect you from the sun without sacrificing your style.

Best Fabrics for Keeping Cool

What you wear can make a huge difference in terms of how comfortable you are. With harsh sun and humidity you can remain cool without sacrificing style so long as you have the right fabrics.


Cotton is the most popular choice for hot weather. Cotton is widely available, inexpensive, but more importantly, it is soft and breathable. Heavier fabrics only weigh you down in the sun. Conversely, cotton is lightweight and it soaks up your sweat so when temperatures are rising heat can more easily escape your body so that you feel cool.

What’s nice about cotton is the variety of colors and styles available such that you can find an item to fit any fashion need you have. If you sweat a lot, cotton wool soaks it right up and if you have the right color, it won’t highlight those moisture stains in the collar area or the armpits.


Linen is another popular choice for hot weather as it’s very loosely lightweight which means it allows heat to escape your body. Linen clothing also absorbs a lot of moisture and dries faster than cotton does.

It tends to be a bit stiff to the touch and it wrinkles easily but most people have simply accepted the wrinkles as part of the style and appreciate the fact that the stiffness means it won’t stick to your body when things get really sweaty.


Bamboo is another breathable fabric quite popular for its hollow fiber. The fiber is literally filled with tiny holes and gaps which allows for better moisture absorption and better ventilation. Bamboo clothing is not only comfortable but fast drying. It will literally wick your sweat and other moisture off your body, dry quickly, and keep you cool.

It also has an anti-static property that prevents it from clinging to you which very important when things are hot and humid outside. Speaking of sweat, with sweat comes bacteria and germs. This makes for another positive benefit of which is naturally antibacterial. Not only does it eliminate bacteria and other microbes, but that elimination naturally controls bad odor. You can high five your friend or reach for the top shelf without fear of releasing an unwanted stench in the office.

Furthermore, you don’t have to wash your clothes often which means you reduce the amount of wear and tear. Even though the clothing is highly absorbent, dries quickly, and won’t stick to your skin in humid weather, those same antibacterial properties that naturally exist in bamboo means the clothes simply don’t get as dirty as quickly and you won’t have to wash them as often.

It’s the material of choice for people who are otherwise allergic to many mass-produced fabrics and the chemicals that are often used in them. So if you have allergies to some commercial clothing items, bamboo might be the perfect solution.

If you don’t like the wrinkles of linen, bamboo is naturally more wrinkle resistant, so it’s the perfect thing to wear right before a big meeting to help you stay cool, without a risk of looking unkempt, or take with your on your next holiday adventure (where ironing is the last thing you want to be spending your time doing!).

Best Items to Wear

When you are trying to stay cool in the summer, you need items that are breezy and breathable. A flowy summer dress allows for air circulation and breathability so that you don’t sweat profusely in your outfit. Sleeveless designs, be it on a dress or a shirt, make it easier to combat the humidity and enjoy better breathability as well. The tops and pants you wear should be loosely fitting;  tight clothing can make it much more uncomfortable to deal with heat fluctuations and humidity.

Best Accessories

You can compliment any of the breathable and breezy items you choose to wear with some heat protecting accessories.


Sunscreen is the most important step. The moment you step out into the sun, the rays can damage your DNA which can cause melanoma mutation. This literally takes place in a matter of seconds which is why putting on sunscreen before you step out into the sun is crucial.


In addition to always wearing sunscreen when you are outside, or just driving with the windows down, you can wear a hat. There are plenty of UV protection hats out there, some that are visors, others that are wide-brimmed hats, and some that are just baseball caps. Anything with a large enough front will protect your face from direct contact to the sun. The best part is you can find a plethora of hats in fun floral prints or other designs so that they match whatever outfit you have for the summer.


Lightweight scarves made of breathable material are a wonderful way to protect your neck. Scarves can be worn in addition to any type of hat as a classic accessory that goes a long way toward preventing the sun from damaging some of the most sensitive skin.


Of course your eyes need protection too. Sunglasses can shield your eyes and remain stylish and adorable so that any time you step out into the sun, you don’t damage your eyesight. This is particularly important if you are hanging out near the water because the suns rays will bounce off the water and directly into your eyes with more strength than they do as you just walk around your local park.


If you are heading down to the beach, or sitting at a local sporting event cheering on your friends and family, consider sun blankets. Sun blankets are lightweight and comfortable designed with high-quality zinc oxide protection. These blankets come equipped with UPF 50+ coverage and can be worn over your legs or used by children.


When the weather is particularly hot, if you are an active person and you go for your morning run or afternoon sporting event, UV protection sleeves are a great accessory for your forearms. The weather might be too hot to wear long sleeve shirts but these can be paired with any short sleeve shirt you have. They are particularly great if you have a long commute to and from work or are running errands right In the heat of the day when you might otherwise get that one uncomfortable sunburn on the forearm nearest the driver side window. A sleeved kaftan dress is a great option if you’re looking for something a little more fancy to wear out as it protects your shoulders, which are often the most highly exposed body part to the sun, while looking fabulous.

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