7 Decorative Wall Clocks For Your Home

Nowadays, smart-phones might have taken the duty of timekeeping, but there is always something perfect about the wall clock. The best part about a wall clock is that it doesn’t get lost and it costs a whole lot less than a smart-phone. Plus a wall clock can make a design statement for any room, be it your living room to the bedroom. A perfect wall clock can add true elegance and allure to any living room in your home. You can buy wall clocks online and avail lots of discounts.

And in this article, we have rounded some beautiful wall clocks that can make your home look appealing and these wall clocks will suit any style. So, without further adieu let’s begin the countdown:

Silent Wall Clock

At night, when you are sleeping, you want minimal disturbance around you. You don’t want any footsteps or your wall clock making unnecessary noise. For that, you can get a silent wall clock. This wall clock can be available in plenty of designs and is perfectly suitable for your living room or if you have a home/office space. These wall clocks can often tell you about the temperature as they have a built-in thermometer.

Oversized Wooden Fulton Street Wall Clock

Oversized wall clocks are perfect for a number of situations when you need a wall clock for everyone to see the time, so it should be large enough. An oversized wall clock is able to fill the most of the space available of the room. This wall clock surely stands out in your living room. The frame material is of wood and the clock numbers are pretty big and will act as a focal point in the room.

Classic Wall Clock

This is one of the most popular types of wall clocks available in the market. They are popular because they can be hanged in any room and there are lots of varieties present. You can choose a wall clock with an elegant numeric font that would be easier to understand plus there are lots of options in the contrast of the wall clock. This wall clock has strong dial markers and hands for proper visibility.

Ribbonwood Wall Clock

If your sole purpose is style and you don’t want anything else in a wall clock. Ribbonwood wall clock is best for you. This wall clock is accurate and the contrasting minute and hour hand make it easier to tell the time no matter the size of your room. This wall clock can easily get the attention of the visitors quite easily. These wall clocks can be an ideal birthday gift if your friend loves stylish wall clocks.

Watch Me Wall Clock

Watch me wall clock design is in trend nowadays, the USP of the wall clock is in its simplicity and it makes the wall clock stand out in any room. This wall clock comes in plenty of colours such as pink, green, blue and multicolour. You can hang it in any room that needs a makeover as this wall clock or in a room that is bland. Here’s a pro tip, to put several watch me clocks together that can show different time zones, this looks different and eye-catching.

Plywood Wall Clock

If you are looking for a wall clock i.e. simple, then plywood wall clock is for you. It’s quite the opposite of Watch Me wall clock. The wall clock doesn’t scream for attention and is crafted from the high-quality plywood, this wall clock includes a clean dial with bold numbers and tiny markers. In terms of performance, the wall clock is accurate, reliable and also comes with a silent sweeping movement. It’s a perfect wall clock for those who don’t want any ticking sound during the night.

Sunburst Wall Clock

This comes under the modern wall clock category, at first, it’s the most eye-catching wall clock in this list. It’s stylish, suave and the clock is silent too. If you love mid-century modern style, then this sunburst wall clock is for you and there are endless designs available and the wall clock is easier to mount. You can place this wall clock in the living room or in the bedroom both of them will work. But placing it in the living room improves the whole look.

Pendulum Schoolhouse Clock

If you want to save some trouble of keeping the time, you need a wall clock that gives you a reminder every time after an hour passes. Meet pendulum schoolhouse clock that is made up of solid oak, which is a commonly used material for these type of clocks. You can turn off the chime before going to sleep, you will also get roman numerals that too in large size for proper visibility. 

World Map Wall Clock

People who love to travel decorate their homes with things that are related to adventure. This can include framed pictures or exotic furniture, but what really stands out is having a world map wall clock in your home. This wall clock has no ticking feature and there would be a detailed world map printed on the dial. This wall clock also comes in different sizes and the largest size benign 48 inches. The wall clock is lightweight and reliable and stands out when placed in your living room or bedroom.


So, these are the wall clocks fit perfectly for your home. You can choose either one of the wall clocks that are mentioned above according to the space available and the design you like. There are lots of options to choose from a pendulum clock to the modern clock to a silent clock and you can buy these wall clocks at any online clock store.

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