5 Ways to Chill Out in Byron Bay

Byron Bay is an idyllic coastal town that appears to be ripped straight out of a novel about the meditative beauty of Australian suburbia. Hidden among the lush trees in the northern corner of New South Wales, it’s as if nature itself is jealously hiding this town from prying eyes. Thankfully, the town is far from unknown or unpopular – in fact, Byron Bay is renowned worldwide as a surfing mecca and a beloved destination for all of those who enjoy a laidback vacation with a bit of healthy recreation. If you are contemplating whether to visit this charming little town, here are five ways to chill out in Byron Bay.

Visit one of Byron Bay’s nightspots and have a chill night

For such a small town, Byron Bay has a lot to offer for nightlife enthusiasts. Pubs and clubs are aplenty, and the schedule is packed throughout the year with a crazy variety of festivals and manifestations. From the Byron Bay Triathlon and the Byron Bay Malibu Classic to the famous Splendour in the Grass, Bluesfest and the wonderful Byron Bay Writers Festival, you’ll hardly arrive to a placid town no matter when you book your vacation. Now, this might seem like too big of a ruckus, but nothing can be further from the truth – there is enough leeway for party maniacs to dance the night away, but you can always find a chill place to have a beer without feeling pressured to go wild.

Have a cinematic adventure at Pighouse Flicks

A cinema called Pighouse Flicks has a touch of foreboding in its very name, but don’t worry – it is actually a very alternative cinema with comfortable custom-made couches. If you are an avid film connoisseur, this is a perfect place for you to have a cinematic adventure, as the venue offers a schedule full of art house movies from around the world, and some of them can be downright experimental, to say the least. This cinema serves as a perfect representation of the alternative side of Byron Bay.

Indulge in a spa and massage combo

If you’ve come to Byron Bay to relax, you’ll surely find a way to do it really fast. For starters, you can book an extravagant Byron Bay accommodation that offers all the necessary amenities for those of you who want to chill. You can spend a day in the spa, stretch out your body with morning yoga, refresh your spirit in hot waters and indulge in an incredible massage. Byron Bay is brimming with professionals who are in the business of rest, recreation and rejuvenation.

Savour the smells and landscapes of Byron Bay hinterlands

A trip to the nearby Tyagarah Nature Reserve, a stretch of greenery that spreads north of the town, right next to the ocean, is an amazing way to stay in shape and chill at the same time. Of course, if you are in the mood for a more serious adventure, you can sit in the car and drive to the lush Whian Whian State Conservation Area and take a dip in the Rocky Lake after a long day of hiking through the woods.

While we are on the topic of dipping, you can also take a splash in tea tree lakes, which have earned their moniker for the same reasons that they have that strange hue. The surrounding trees actually excrete oil which mixes into the water, which sort of created a natural skin-treatment fluid. After a swim through this rejuvenating water, you can chill with your friends by the lake and take a lazy afternoon off.

See a spectacular sunrise from the Byron Bay Lighthouse

Byron Bay Lighthouse is a highlight of the town – an iconic landmark that is also Australia’s most easterly point. Naturally, the view from it is absolutely stunning, so if you want to watch a spectacular sunrise, you should probably get up at least an hour before the first gleam begins to shimmer on the surface of the ocean. The walk from the main beach of Byron Bay, all the way up to the Lighthouse is a good morning workout and you’ll need around 45 minutes to get all the way up. As you finally get to the top and the sun begins to rise, you will realise it was worth the effort. If you’ve brought a light breakfast and a coffee-filled thermos along with you, you can have a truly chill morning at the bottom of the Lighthouse.

Once you spend a delightful vacation in Byron Bay, you’ll probably think the town itself was conceived and built by experts in meditation and relaxation. The subtropical air that meshes fragrances of nature with the salty breeze of the boundless Pacific Ocean will leave you rejuvenated and ready to take on any challenge once you return home. In other words, after an adventurous vacation in Byron Bay, you will feel as if you can conquer the world.

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