10 Australian Kids Clothing Brands That You and Your Kid Will Love

It’s not easy finding clothes you and your kid both agree on; in fact, it’s pretty much a small miracle. Yet somehow these ten Australian kids clothing brands have managed to strike gold with rare kid-friendly clothes that don’t feature the stereotypical monster truck and glitter princesses. Now you two will have to find something new to argue about every morning…

australian kids brands

1. Phoenix and the Fox

This brand of offbeat clothing will surprise at first, but quickly become some of your favourite pieces in your closet. It offers everything from old-fashioned floral jumpers to leopard-print onesies, and anything else you can dream up in between.

2. Huckleberry Lane

This sleepwear brand makes the sweetest, comfiest sleep clothes for all ages. Kids will love the flexible fit and soft cotton of the pyjamas, and the sweet but simple designs make a nice change from the garish patterns of most kid wear.

3. Just Jack

It’s rare to find a brand that truly cares about how clothes fit and feel, but Just Jack is the exception. Designed by parents of two boys, their clothing is tried and true; it’s made from soft, quality fabrics with an easy fit that even the most sensitive kids will love.

4. Emu Australia

Emu Australia makes the most fantastic footwear for kids; one visit to their website, and you’ll be frantically grabbing up ladybug flats, giraffe sneakers, and brown bear boots. Intrigued? Your kids will literally not want to remove these insanely cute and comfortable shoes.

5. Feather Drum

This bohemian line is exactly what you want from an Australian clothing brand: dreamy pieces that can withstand a little dirt. With timeless pieces that ooze style without trying too hard, Feather Drum is the brand for budding hipster kids.

6. Little Edge Apparel

For the moms that love the matching mom-tot look made popular by celebrities, Little Edge Apparel has exactly what you need. The trendy streetwear is funky, functionable, and full of sass.

7. Harpa’s Nest

This brand made its name by making unisex clothing that doesn’t conform to traditional gender hues. It’s a bold statement through simple, monochromatic clothes that modern parents can’t get enough of.

8. Munster Kids

Munster Kids, named for the urban legend Mikey Munster, is an uber-cool mix of kid-friendly clothes and adult streetwear. You’ll love dressing your kid in these clothes so much that you’ll wish they had an adult line.

9. Minti

Minti’s concept is pretty darn simple: make fantastic printed clothing in the comfiest way possible. Track pants, hoodies, beanies, and slouchy tees are pretty much as fancy as this line gets, and that’s A-OK to us (and all kids everywhere).

10. Atelier Child

This line of preppy, chic clothing is for the budding fashionista that can appreciate a quality cardi; think luxury clothing without the hefty price tag. Plus, the emphasis on bright pastels is perfect for spring trends!

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