Why are the Perks of Living in Australia Hard to Overlook?

Planet’s sixth- largest country has a lot to offer! Undoubtedly, it is a fantastic country to either live or visit!

Australians probably enjoy one of the most envious lifestyles. An Australian experience can flood you with emotions!!!

Well, What’s so Special About Australia?

Economy and Government

Australia is one of the strongest performing economies with a mixed market in the world with a GDP of about US$1450 Billion and has a stable democracy that is consistently ranked amongst the top.

The country ranks number 2 in Human Development Index. It is armed with skilled workforce and has low rates of unemployment- Credit goes to the ‘work-life balance’ emphasized by the Aussies!

Standard of Education

Australia boasts of being home to some of the world’s top most universities. The Australian education system there is based on practical trainings.

The students get to inculcate job ready skills from the university and institutes as a result of compulsory industrial training in their curriculum. There are more than 1100 institutions offering near to about 22000 courses.

Australia has an impressive literacy rate with secondary school enrolment being highest and top ranking and is the 3rd most popular destination to study amongst international students.


The crimes rates in Australia are very low compared to the major developed countries. The society is very matured and open-minded. It might also be because there is a stress on lifestyle stability with healthcare, education and such basic facilities available to everyone very easily.

There is a sense of family amongst the people residing there which is evident from the way they celebrate their festivals and weekend gatherings. Every year Australia opens doors for many refugees who have either become homeless or escaping war broken countries.


Australia has a rich ancient culture and immense respect for every culture. It can be seen on the Harmony Day-21st March when people from all walks of life come together.

You can meet 1 out of every 5 persons who is not born in the country. It never fails to give you a warm and homely feeling!


Being a huge continent, Australia experiences several seasons form winters to summers to rains as the magnificent landscape has beaches, deserts, mountains, rainforest and much more!

Most of southern Australia has cold winters and hot summers. In the Northern region, there is a tropical climate. If you want to play in snow, then you can visit Victoria and New South Wales in the winters.

Beautiful Natural Eco-system

The most prized assets of Australia would be its flora and fauna that has developed into a beautiful ecosystem. The Great Barrier Reef is proof of it! No wonder, as 91 % of Australia is covered in vegetation.

While hearing name of Australia, one of the first thing that comes to mind is Koalas and Kangaroos, but the country is home to more than hundreds of exceptional species of Birds, Reptiles, Marine animals and more.


Sports is absolutely loved in Australia and weekends majority of the times are reserved for sports. Some of the biggest stadiums in the world can be found in Australia.

Games like cricket, football, tennis, badminton, swimming and more are played phenomenally well by the sports- person there. Their love towards sports may be the secret to their sporty attitude towards life.

If you do not already live here, now can be the right time to migrate to Australia for a blissful life!

Author Bio

Dharmendra Patel is a Registered Migration Agent and Director at Aussizz Group, a leading Immigration and Education Consultancy having presence in Australia, India, NZ & UAE.

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