When Does Your Air Conditioning System Need Servicing

Whether it’s you, your friend, neighbour or anyone around, all will undoubtedly agree to the fact that after a tiring day of work, retiring to the air conditioned room or after a tiring travel from home to office, retiring to the cool cabin is not only refreshing but lifesaving. You already know the feeling which is being talked about and you can easily gauge the importance and role of an air conditioning system in the day-to-day life. While even a few decades back getting an AC used to be a luxury statement, whereas today it has become a necessity to sustain through the odds and burden of changing climate. But when you know, feel and acknowledge the role of an AC in your life so much, have you ever given a thought if you care about your AC the right way or if you are offering the required maintenance to your AC.

You have to consider the truth that after all your air conditioning system is just a machine which needs essential maintenance, routine care from experts in order to keep performing. This article is dedicated to the signs which can be taken as an alert that your AC needs immediate maintenance and servicing.

Air Conditioning
Air Conditioning

Rising Humidity

Nowadays all HVAC or AC systems have inbuilt humidity controlling mechanism, wherein an AC can regulate the humidity level of a room automatically. Even if it is too humid outside, when inside an AC room you are not supposed to feel the sticky humid thing.

But you should immediately dial your AC service company if you find the humidity level inside your house not going down to a comfortable range as compared to the outdoors. When the dehumidifier of your air conditioning system stops working, it can lead to such situations when you need to get a servicing done immediately.

Warm Air

AC is generally meant to use when you want to lower the temperature which is why you set a cooling temperature which is lower than the current temperature of your interiors. But if you find your AC’s vent is blowing warm air instead of cool air, then probably there is an issue with your AC and you need repair help.

Poor Airflow

Exterior air is filtered by an AC and then it flows through the machine, cools down and blows out interiors and makes the room cooler. But what if the air filter duct of your AC gets clogged due to dust and pollutants in the air outside. The air flow cooling the interiors decreases. You can put your hand in front of the vent of your AC and feel if the air flow is normal or poor, in case if it is slow and poor enough to cool the room in expected time, you need to call for a servicing.


When the AC is on, the mild sound is due to the compressor but you cannot expect loud or buzzing noise from your AC. Nowadays you get silent AC as people like to eliminate the disturbing noise of AC. But even with noise free AC mechanisms, if you find a rattling sound or any unusual noise, it must be immediately associated with a repair need.

Not only that, the quality of air in terms of pollution free fresh air, but an air conditioning system also offers fresh air in terms of filtered air, without any smell, to offer you are relaxed and comfortable breathing experience as well. But when you can feel a foul smell when your AC is on, you need to know that your AC is yet again demanding a servicing. Medical check-ups help you to remain healthy, fit and working, so does an AC needs servicing.

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