Top 5 Roofing Materials for Australian House

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Your roof is not just here to safeguard you from the sun, but also to elevate the beauty quotient of your house from outside. You can easily avoid heading towards Roof Restoration services in Melbourne from one time to another if you are successful enough to select the best roofing materials. The market houses so many of them and it is your duty to select the one you like, based on the residing area. The temperature and even the changing weather conditions will help you make the right choice and will keep Roof Repairs in Melbourne at bay.

Head for the top 5 materials:

So, without wasting any time further, the time has come to learn more about the top 5 materials, which are the holy grains of your roofing plans. The more you know about it, the better!

  1. The terracotta roofing tiles:

These tiles have been widely used for centuries now and have been a popular roofing choice for the Australian community right from 19th century. Because of the extensive range and individual profiles, these tiles are flexible when it comes to design. It can always complement wider ranges of architectural styles and specifications now. These tiles are mostly noted to be hardwearing with well-insulated roofing surfaces.

  • The slate roof tiles:

Slate is one natural look, refined and polished tile, which is absolutely perfect for topping the modern and contemporary homes. If you check it aesthetically, these slate tiles will offer the highly prestigious exteriors over here.  This slate roofing can always increase the resale value of the home in near future. These tiles have higher thermal mass to absorb hear from sun and releasing at night.

  • Metal roofs:

These roofing sheets are perfect choice for the lighter weight homes along with some of the solid traditional houses. They are mostly used for covering the earthquake prone areas along with distant locations where the transport might impact rather significantly on the costing zones for now. These corrosion resistant metallic sheets are available in steel composites, galvanized zinc, copper and iron and more.

  • Concrete roof tiles:

These tiles can widely be used for complementing various architectural specifications and styles. They might age to matt finish it might lose some colour potentially with passing time. The performance of the tile will not get affected. Moreover, the density of these tiles will reduce the present external sound. Then you have the non-combustible materials, which can be used in a safe manner in bushfire based prone areas. Moreover, the weight of these tiles can prove to be quite resistant to strong gush of wind.

  • Going for the copper roofing:

Are you suffering from any of the irregular form of roof structure? Do you even fancy the metallic roof materials? In case the answer is yes, then a copper roof might be one option that you might care to address now. This form of roofing is just timeless and considered durable mainly because of the working lifestyle of the metal. It will definitely age with character now. These five are the top-notch roofing materials, widely used for covering Australian homes. You can try heading for some of the other materials as well, but nothing can compete with the value of these materials at all. The more you research, the better you will understand the reasons behind their popularity.

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