Struggling With Environmental Damage: Norilsk Nickel Cannot Stand Still

More and more ecological issues are appearing in the world nowadays. Luckily, some great corporations such as Norilsk Nickel protect the environment, as they understand the importance of nature preservation.

Air and water pollution, climate change issues, global warming, inefficient use of natural resources are just some issues that are on the agenda today. This article will show how the leading palladium and nickel producer, Norilsk Nickel, eliminates environmental damage by implementing diverse ecological projects locally and globally.

Norilsk Nickel Environmental Damage

Norilsk Nickel Protects Environment and Pays Attention to Ecological Issues

The company pays attention to various spheres as it takes care of:

  • biodiversity conservation
  • water protection
  • air protection
  • waste management
  • efficient use of natural resources
  • investigating of climate change problems
  • sea freighting

Norilsk Nickel explains that it pays attention to Norilsk environment protection as it understands the importance of eliminating the consequences of industrial production. In addition, it states that it is essential to take measures locally first and only then apply some global ones that will lead to positive changes in the global ecological situation.

The Arctic region is rich in natural resources and it is vital to use them in a proper way as well as save this unique environment. The abundance of pollutants may ruin the atmosphere and that is why Norilsk Nickel does its utmost to protect this distinctive place.

Nornickel pays attention to the reduction of SO2 emission, as they are dangerous not only for the atmosphere but also for people’s health. The industrial giant takes care of employees and explains that such gases may bring harm as they affect:

  • respiratory system
  • immune system

and can be extremely dangerous for sensitive groups of people. In order to avoid such consequences, Norilsk Nickel protects the environment by implementing projects devoted to the reduction of SO2 emissions.

One of the key drafts the company has been working on for a long time is the Sulphur project that has already shown amazing results. Let’s have a closer look at the Sulphur project and check what other ecological activities Norilsk Nickel is involved in.

Norilsk Environment is in the Right Hand. The Sulphur Project and Other Nornickel’s Ecological Activities

As mentioned above, the Sulphur project plays a huge role in the Norilsk environment. Nornickel has already completed the first phase of it that resulted in:

  • the shutdown of Nickel Plant
  • the total reduction of SO2 emissions in a Norilsk residential area by 30% and in the Polar Division by 15%
  • Nadezhda Plant and Talnakh concentrator expansion and upgrade
  • elimination of 600 sources of air pollution
  • two wastewater discharge points shutdown

The company continues working on the project and has already signed the contract with STEP, the international organization that will be in charge of the construction of the main facilities.

It is estimated that the project will cost about $3.5BN and will be finished in several years. Norilsk Nickel is ready to cover all the expenses as it explains that the realization of the Sulphur project will lead to a sufficient decrease in emissions and contribute to the improvement of Norilsk environment situation.

However, Nornickel keeps working on other projects as well. For example, in the sphere of biodiversity conservation, it cooperates with popular national parks and contributes to the observation of polar bears habitats as well as helps with aquatic biodiversity preservation.

In terms of climate change, Norilsk Nickel eliminates environmental damage by investigating the issues connected to this problem and also keeping a record of greenhouse gas emissions. It does not only check the number of emissions but also provides all the relevant information about such gases voluntarily.

Norilsk Nickel has also developed a special environmental management system that helps to boost environmental safety, improve overall performance, disclose environmental awareness among employees and attract new investors.

However, Nornickel sets more environment protection goals and plans to continue cooperating with other organizations not only locally but also globally.

Nornickel Future Environmental

Nornickel: Future Environmental Goals and Perspectives

The Sulphur project is the priority for Norilsk Nickel now and that is why it has already determined the future goals and steps as well as counted the approximate investments needed.

However, Nornickel also takes part in some other drafts. For instance, it has joined forces with a leading corporation in Finland. And in cooperation with BASF, it will implement the project the main idea of which is to supply the battery materials market and minimize a carbon footprint by placing the production and recycling processes in one spot.

Moreover, Norilsk Nickel continues paying more attention to the Norilsk environment and the great expedition that has been organized by the industrial giant recently is a good example of its seriousness. Nornickel and outstanding scientists from 14 RAS institutes have explored the Taimyr Peninsula and collected more than 1500 samples of water, sediment, plants and soil. It is expected that the laboratory stage during which all these materials will be thoroughly examined will lead to the report that will:

  • present the information on the condition of the environmental system of the Arctic region
  • show the changes happened on Taimyr Peninsula recently
  • provide suggestions for industrial companies that will contribute to their sustainable development and help to develop more eco-friendly approaches in the industrial production sphere

Norilsk Nickel is waiting for the results and continues implementing other projects that help to improve the ecological situation both locally and globally.

All in all, environmental issues should be taken seriously nowadays as more and more ecological problems appear worldwide. Fortunately, some industrial corporations pay attention to nature preservation.

Norilsk Nickel combats pollution on all levels and does its utmost in order to save nature. It implements a huge amount of ecological projects and provides financial assistance and support to those who try to solve ecological problems. It has already contributed a lot to the Norilsk environment as the level of pollution has decreased dramatically. But Nornickel plans to continue its eco-friendly policy and devote more time and money to environmental protection both locally and globally.

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