Single and Double Bowl Kitchen Sink: Which One Is Better?

Many people dream of owning a well-designed and highly furnished kitchen to cook well and with ease without any kind of disturbance. When it comes to renovation of the existing kitchens, utmost attention is paid to the the counter tops, lighting, flooring, and ventilation as well as the cooking area. But do we pay the same attention to the kitchen sinks? Well, it is a bit questionable point. Moreover, considering the type of sink would be ideal for a particular kitchen space would also be a considerable point. The main point at which everyone gets stuck is figuring out whether a single bowl or double bowl kitchen sink is good to install.

Before you come to the final decision, it is extremely important that you go through their pros and cons. It would help you decide better and whether the particular option is ideal for your kitchen or not. From installation to maintenance, each aspect should be considered properly to avail maximum benefits.

Know the Advantages and The Limited Factors of a Single and Double Bowl Kitchen Sink

Rather Feeling Confused, Take A Look at The Few Factors and Choose the Best Sink for Your Kitchen:

  • Use and Configuration: Sinks of single bowl relatively takes less space and it maximizes the counter space in the small kitchens. However, the double bowl kitchen sink is also available in numerous shapes and sizes and provides versatile options for using the sink. For example, if one sink is used for prep work, the other can be used for washing or the smaller bowl can be used for garbage disposal and the larger one for cleaning purposes. For cleaning large pots and utensils, double bowl sink would not be a good option as the bowl size is relatively small.
  • Accessibility of Garbage Disposal: One of the highlighted features of double bowl kitchen sink is that you can easily separate the dirty utensils and use the other one for food prep. Generally, for garbage disposal, the smaller sink is used that can be used in case the main sink gets filled up. Hence, it can be used as a backup option when the utensils are quite more.
  • Maintenance: One of the vital factors that determine hassle-free maintenance is the material of the double bowl kitchen sink. Sinks made up of granite or quartz generally does not require any additional maintenance. Wear and tear are quite obvious to occur in such sinks that have a solid surface. At the partition point of two sinks, usual wear patches are visible which is quite tough to clean.
  • Costing: It is the size and the material of the sink that determines its price. However, the cost of the double bowl kitchen sink is quite high even if the material and size of the single sink are the same. The main aspect that increases the overall price is the additional hardware required for installing double bowl sinks.
  • Enhanced Counter Space:  If your kitchen counter is used for all purposes like storing, decor and prep, then you can go for the double bowl kitchen sink as it would be the best option. You don’t need to create a different drying rack in the counter as the second bowl is enough to pat it dry. Hence, if the kitchen space is small, double bowl sinks can be of great help.

Consider your budget and go through the pros and cons to decide which one is ideal for your kitchen. Most companies provide a list of sink items that comes in different sizes and materials. Choose the one that suits best with your entire kitchen decor. In a fully furnished kitchen, simple sinks of stainless steel might not look good. Outlining the differences between the sinks and choose the best one will make your work easier.

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