All You Need to Know About High Bandwidth Data Cable


High bandwidth data cable is very much in demand these days. And you will be amazed to see the widespread power of this high bandwidth cable. Since our data requirements have increased and speed is one of the most important things for us today, thus there is an urgent need for high bandwidth data. And that is the basic reason why we keep searching for high bandwidth data cable in almost all spheres of our life. But there are many more unknown layers of high bandwidth data cable. Let’s have a deeper look at them.

data cable installation

Data Cable Installation

Introduction: High Bandwidth Data Cable

Bandwidth is an extremely important part of high bandwidth data cable. Thus, let’s first understand what do you mean by bandwidth?

Bandwidth is referred to as the range of frequency of a particular fiber optic cable. In simplest terms, bandwidth is the capacity or amount of data which an optic fibre or cable can carry along with itself. That’s why you might have heard people saying that the bandwidth must be of higher capacity. It must be strong as it is the foundation of an optic cable. Thus, if the bandwidth is not strong then the connection will definitely suffer. One should always look for a connection where the bandwidth is reliable.

This is a fact that different cables have separate bandwidth capacity. They differ vastly in the amount of data to be transmitted from one place to another. For example – you might come across cables where the data to be transmitted are higher and it involves much lesser time frame as compared to the other cables. This is because of the bandwidth difference between the two cables. Now, you must be clear about how important bandwidth is in our daily life.

Data Network Cabling

Before we move ahead let’s have a look at what are the two major types of data network cabling in our daily life.

1.    Copper data cabling

2.    Fibre optic data cabling

Copper Data Cabling – This is also known as LAN cabling or Ethernet cabling. In this, a twisted pair of copper wires is used to transfer data from one place to another. As and when networking and the data requirement has evolved and increased, copper data cabling has also evolved and increased. There are many types of copper data cabling like – 6a, 6b, c, and e. Out of all this 5e is the most common and reliable one. It is a cost-effective solution at the same time.

Data Cable Installation

Data Cable Installation

Fibre Optic Data Cabling – These are high graded ones where glass fibre is used. This works at the speed of light and is extremely fast at the same time. These cables are suitable to transfer data at an exceptionally high speed and are also capable to transfer a huge amount of data at the same time. There are many other benefits of fibre optic data cabling like minimal loss of data while transfer. Here the data transfer takes place through magnetic media where the data loss is next to minimal.

Other than this two, there is another important term which is very important for high bandwidth data cable which is blown fibre.

Blown fibre is used over a long distance. It is the process of using compressed air which can be used to send fibre cabling through tubes from its origin point to its destination. This is the latest cable in the world of high bandwidth data cable. This has brought down the cost greatly and also data wastage is being avoided. The data transmission has improved tremendously with the help of blown fibre cabling. High bandwidth cabling is the need of the hour everywhere around the world. This is because our world now revolves world wide web!

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