Backpackers Guide to Must Have Survival Gear

Backpacking is essential for adventures while you plan to head off into the wild territories. However, backpacking can be challenging if you don’t know what things you will need for survival on the adventures.

While packing for an adventure you have a single bag and a lot of things to pack. You will need different things for different purposes and situations. It becomes difficult to decide what to pack and what to leave. Check out this backpackers guide to help you pack all the required items while packing for an adventure:

Sleeping bag
Sleeping Bags

A sleeping bag will let you sleep comfortably in the outdoors. It is like a lightweight quilt that offers you the warmth and insulation from the external climatic conditions. Sleeping bag has a water-resistant cover that you against the winds and mild precipitation. The bottom of the bag is cushioned to provide the sleeping comfort.


While you are on an adventure tour, you never know when you will need a knife to cut something. You will need a knife for cutting small things, branches of wild shrubs, building a shelter and self-defense activities. Some knives come in a set with each knife for specific use. You can get an adventure survival knife or a set of knives. A set of knives is better than an individual knife as it contains many knives for cutting different things.

Fire starter
Fire Starter

Fire starter is a device which produces sparks to lit grass or wood on an adventure trip. You need it on your adventure trip when you need to ignite the fire for cooking some food, lighting a place or protection from animals. While you are in a location with low temperatures, you need to lit a fire for warmth. There are various types of fire starter kits available in the markets. You can buy the one which suits your budget and requirements.

First aid survival kit

Going on adventures is great but they also involve a lot of risks as you visit the dangerous terrains. A survival first aid kit is essential for any risks of injuries that may occur on an adventure trip. You may get injured for any reason even if you take care of all the things. A survival first aid kit contains antiseptics, sterile gauze pads, bandages, hydrocortisone cream, and medicines like acetaminophen and ibuprofen.

Spot Satellite beacon

This is a device that lets you contact your friends or family members while you are stuck in a place with no mobile network. Some people on adventure tours get stuck in the locations like snow-covered mountains or jungles where they are not able to find an exit route. The spot satellite device helps you to send a message for emergency services whenever you need help.

Bear Spray
Bear Spray

People often get attacked by wild animals while they are in the jungles and mountains. You can fight some animals with small weapons but cannot handle a bear. Bear is one of the most dangerous deadliest animals in the world.

The bear spray comes in handy in such a case as it creates a cloud of fog to create a barrier between you and the bear. Most bear sprays have a range of 9 meters or 30 feet which is enough to escape. This gives you time to escape away from the dangerous situation.

Military Rope

A military grade rope is important for climbing the difficult areas in the hills and tie things to save them from the animals. Ropes are also useful when you want to hook up for hammock or tent for sleeping in the night. The military parachute rope is also useful for tying the things and hanging a hammock on a tree. It is made up of synthetic fabric and has high strength and durability.

Head Torch
Head Torch

When you are lost in the woods or darkness falls in the jungle, you need a head torch. It is also useful in the dark when both your hands are busy while walking. You will also need a torch while you walk through a tunnel space where there is no light. Look for a high quality LED head flashlight that has a long battery backup so that you can use it for at least 6 to 8 hours.

Final Words

You may need other items as per your requirements, but the above-given things are some of the essential items that you need to pack for you while going on an adventure trip like trekking. Things like the sleeping bag, plastic leaf bags, survival first aid kit, compass and flashlight batteries are essential for backpacking.

The requirements of every adventure trip are different. Check the weather conditions, terrain and your health and fitness before going on an adventure. You should consider taking a high capacity water bottle as water is not available in most of the places.

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